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Shane Willcox ranks his Santa Monica home and surrounding Westside community as one of the best places to live in the world. That’s a huge compliment coming from anyone, let alone a real estate agent who grew up in Australia and lived in London before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a job opportu ... read more »

Shane Willcox ranks his Santa Monica home and surrounding Westside community as one of the best places to live in the world. That’s a huge compliment coming from anyone, let alone a real estate agent who grew up in Australia and lived in London before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a job opportunity. Shane’s international upbringing and experiences abroad have given him the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. With his attentive listening and injected humor, it’s not uncommon for Shane’s clients to feel instantly at ease, blending the lines between a trusted friend and an expert realtor.

“As an individual who settled here myself, I can easily relate to foreigners’ stories and battles of moving to the U.S. After all, being a realtor isn’t about selling homes—it’s about working with people, getting to know them and deciphering how to best accommodate their needs.”

Shane’s life-long fascination with technology and how it can improve daily life has carried over to his career as a realtor for Pacific Union in Beverly Hills. Committed to running his business in a paperless fashion, Shane offers his clients the most innovative ways of connecting, making each stage of the process flow as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. By embracing tools to help him keep track of his interactions with current and future clients, Shane’s accessibility and communication in the field is second to none.

Shane’s professional background as a cameraman/editor was the catalyst for originally moving to Los Angeles, a stretch that lasted 6 years before he returned back to Melbourne, Australia. Needless to say, the blue skies and laid back ways wooed him back to the West Coast, as did his desire to dig deeper into real estate and begin building a portfolio of investment properties. read less «

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4108 Santa Rosalia Drive A | Los Angeles
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404 South Westgate Avenue | Los Angeles
Leased For $17,500/mo
1327 Euclid Street #3 | Santa Monica
Leased For $6,995/mo
1018 4th Street #202 | Santa Monica
Leased For $5,895/mo
1456 West Sunset Boulevard | Los Angeles
Leased For $5,400/mo
11855 Nebraska Avenue | Los Angeles
Lease For $4,395/mo
1912 Broadway #307 | Santa Monica
Leased For $4,000/mo
1912 Broadway #307 | Santa Monica
Leased For $3,995/mo
1912 Broadway #307 | Santa Monica
Leased For $3,800/mo
1031 North Crescent Heights 1h | West Hollywood
Leased For $3,495/mo
4211 Redwood Avenue #302 | Los Angeles
Leased For $3,400/mo
1912 Broadway #109 | Santa Monica
Leased For $2,900/mo


Our first impression of Shane was his SINCERITY which is hard to feel when you are little skeptical about agents in general as first-time buyers in a heated market. It took us quite some time to find our 'perfect' home but throughout the search process, Shane was very PATIENT and ALWAYS made us feel as though we were his only client! Whenever a home that met our criteria hit the market, he tried his best to establish good rapport with selling agents and get us started to view the property asap. He was always there to view properties with us and gave his HONEST feedback. The whole process of finding our first home was very stressful and overwhelming as we kept losing homes to higher bidders. What impressed us very much was that when there was nothing in the market in our price range and also with criterias we had set, he did not just sit and wait for homes to hit the market. He was very PROACTIVE and KNOWLEDGEABLE that he actually approached selected homes directly to see they would consider selling to us. Overall, we really liked Shane because he gave us the sense that he was WORKING HARD for us and was very APPROACHABLE with any questions we had. Once we found the right home, he was there to guide us throughout the process and made everything go as smoothly as possible. We feel that we got our home because he was able to establish a great rapport with people on the other side and somehow made it all work out for us. We highly recommend Shane to everyone and would definitely use him in the future
- Kal Y
As first-time home-buyers, and thanks to Shane, first-time home-owners, we highly recommend Shane Willcox. We were extremely particular with what we were looking for, had a very specific budget in mind and required a lot of attention since we were new to the process. He was eager to hit the ground running and set-up showings immediately. Once we found our \"dream home\" he got us in prior to the brokers open to be first in line. And, when it came time to make an offer and enter escrow, he advised us tactfully and was always quick to respond when we had a question, or needed to be put at ease. He held our hand throughout the entire process, and not only delivered on what we wanted, but went above and beyond every step of the way.
- Amanda F
Shane went above and beyond. He was extremely patient as we took a long time to find the perfect property. He also helped tremendously during a tricky escrow process. Highly recommend!
- David M
West LA is probably one the toughest real estate markets I have ever seen. Having a great realtor an your side makes life much easier. Working with Shane was an outstanding experience. First we tried it by ourself, then we picked the wrong realtor, switching over to Shane was one of our best decision while getting settled in Santa Monica. We moved from Switzerland to LA and during this time you have to fix a lot of other things (social, driver license, school for the kids, etc.), there you recognize how important a great realtor is. Shane knows the area very well, he is proactive and very flexible on timing. He even supported us in negotiating the monthly lease. Regarding paper work he is very much up to date and tries to process everything digitally. We for sure can recommend Shane to anyone.
- Piero C
I can honestly say that if it weren't for Shane, we would have given up on our dream of buying a home. Inventory is so that we were getting elbowed out of the market buy high-bid cash offers. Shane worked tirelessly for us to hunt down the right fit including leveraging his network to find us off-market options. That in itself is a feat but he held our hand through the entire process which was important to us as first time buyers. He walked us through the entire inspection process and what we'd expect from financing and escrow. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of real estate in general and at the neighborhood level. We simply couldn't have done it without him.
- Brian S
Working with Shane was such a pleasure, it almost made the process of finding a new place not feel like work. I am a relocation consultant, and have gone through the process of finding homes for incoming families in Los Angeles countless times. The first time I worked with Shane I was so impressed with his professionalism, patience, and knowledge of the areas we were looking at. He goes above and beyond for his clients, truly paying attention to the individualized needs that they have. On top of that, he is also able to make the search fun. I can't wait to do business with him again, and would happily recommend him and his services to anyone who asks.
- Jen C
Shane worked tirelessly and patiently with us over a several months to find our ideal home. Shane is a practical, down to earth agent who had our best interests as the highest priority throughout the process. During the negotiations and escrow he worked with us closely helping to navigate the best deal and smoothest transition. I highly recommend Shane.
- Adam G
Shane is an excellent professional with the right attitude, which is really important when one is looking for a new home. We used his services when relocating from out of state and looking for a rental property so time and budget were important aspects of our search. Shane worked relentlessly with us and for us from beginning to end. We felt we were very well represented. I have used the services of realtors both in the US and abroad and Shane really stands out. We felt he really went the extra mile for us in all stages of the process. Finding and setting up viewings, being supper responsive to our requests and queries, negotiating on our behalf and accompanying us to sign the leasing agreement. Nothing was a problem or too much to ask. He showed excellent knowledge of the area and professional expertise. We will definitely use him again in the future and I will definitely recommend him to friends. We used him for rental but discussed buying in length and he showed a solid knowledge of the buying market and processes too. He is definitely the kind of professional you need in a competitive market
- Angela C
Shane was able to sell my condo in LA and get the price I was aiming for or better super quickly. He is extremely knowledgeable, organized, professional and hard working. He is extremely efficient yet very personable and takes the time to explain every step of the process to your satisfaction. This was my first time on the selling side but Shane made it is so comfortable and easy. I even live out of state yet Shane was able to solve all the issues that came up and get everything ironed out without my physical presence ever being required. I informed Shane I was trying to sell quickly and due to his amazing work ethic, intelligence and attention to detail he was able to get my condo prepped, beautifully photographed and listed in under a week. Even more amazingly we closed, money in my account, in under two weeks from listing! (I understand this was something like a new record so please don't expect such quick turnaround in every situation). The point is, Shane doesn't mess around. If there is any step that can be taken towards helping you realize your goal he will waste no time in making it happen. I was amazed at how hardcore his document people work as well, seemingly at all hours. Shane and his team are on top of everything. He is extremely good at his craft and is a genuine pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything Shane!
- Jason P
Very professional and knowledgeable, always maintained contact, lots of handy advice and tips and always endeavored to do the best. I highly recommend Shane.
- Ben M
Shane was fantastic! My wife and I spent the better part of the last year trying to find a house in a very difficult market. Shane was always there to pick our spirits up when things seemed hopeless. He was extremely accommodating to our schedules. If anything sudden came up he always found a way to help. He was a great guide through every step of the home buying process.
- Michael D
Working with Shane was great. Simply put, he made my life easier & delivered. I am a traveling exec, was finishing an across country move, had many property loose-ends needing tying up & was feeling anxiety due to lack of available time + an increasing list of “to do’s.” Shane was key in helping get it done. He provided consultation + recommendations on items to be done, prioritized as well as created a timeline, received delivery of items while I was away, scheduled work with tradesmen, & even offered to help with additional tasks. Worth mentioning also, he is detail-oriented & possesses good judgment (early on, it became clear he was not only on top of it but trustworthy). I would recommend him to anyone.
- Jeremy B
Shane stuck with us for six months, finding us on and off-market homes and working very hard to get us the home of our dreams. He actually delivered, and did so with grace and aplomb! I’m going to miss him now that I have a house.
- Dan & Emily K
Such a great experience working with Shane! My husband and I were looking for our first home and Shane was extremely knowledgeable and was incredibly helpful in helping us navigate the west side real estate market. We thought we'd be spending the better part of a year house hunting, but we were able to find a place in three weeks! He helped make the whole process pretty painless and we’d definitely work with him again!
- Arianna & Ray P