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Roland Wilhelm
Pasadena - Old Town Office


Roland Wilhelm has over 30 years of local real estate experience, and has been consistently recognized among the top listing and selling agents in the area. Positions held in the real estate industry include training director, director of information systems and office manager.

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Roland Wilhelm has over 30 years of local real estate experience, and has been consistently recognized among the top listing and selling agents in the area. Positions held in the real estate industry include training director, director of information systems and office manager.

Roland specializes in the marketing and sales of residential properties in Pasadena, Altadena, San Marino, La Cañada, Monrovia, Glendale and the greater Los Angeles Area. His commitment to his clients and their goals, evidenced by consistent communication and follow-up, in concert with strong negotiation skills and a proven track record, have led to a long list of satisfied clients and a steady source of referrals and repeat business.

Roland’s background in photography, marketing and technology brings a visual flair and an exclusive advantage to his clients that results in marketing materials that are second to none. As a longtime resident, business owner and real estate expert in the Pasadena area, Roland can provide helpful insights about the area, and can show clients why Pasadena living is truly something to be desired. With a professional yet friendly approach, Roland helps clients feel comfortable with what can often be a stressful decision. read less «

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1536 Hillside Drive | Glendale
Sold $1,225,000 3 Bed / 4 Bath 3,958 SQFT
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5428 La Forest Drive | La Canada Flintridge
Sold $2,410,000
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333 Manford Way | Pasadena
Sold $2,325,000
Small av20alnc5wufzpv5
1545 Ramona Avenue | South Pasadena
Sold $2,190,600
Small oo4rjpncbtpl0252
1619 Camden Parkway | South Pasadena
Sold $2,165,000
Small ckstxlmofqaqy0bu
3110 San Pasqual Street | Pasadena
Sold $2,020,000
Small rayqpj2o9t1qrh6f
764 Michigan Boulevard | Pasadena
Sold $1,800,000
Small jmrqwsjepvya6vg8
5341 Quail Canyon Road | Glendale
Sold $1,725,000
Small lk1avqqz4q9wa1yp
381 California Terrace | Pasadena
Sold $1,700,000
Small umwmkopsqftlkwi1
370 South Berkeley Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $1,580,000
Small 6ssaftp72qcykrmp
2522 Galicia | La Verne
Sold $1,565,000
Small 4rrdjc6li5o8fhx1
1 Cricklewood Path | Pasadena
Sold $1,519,800
Small vizu3eo0fwhkdkbg
1622 Casa Grande Street | Pasadena
Sold $1,465,000
Small pxtydzwkjxhieg9k
2269 Mar Vista Avenue | Altadena
Sold $1,450,000
Small e3ivdaylqezstuk2
979 Mesa Verde Road | Pasadena
Sold $1,425,000
Small s1xuqo6mtau3jmp4
1650 Kinneloa Mesa Road | Pasadena
Sold $1,400,088
Small q2iglzom0zisukvs
1026 East Woodbury Road | Pasadena
Sold $1,350,000
Small vagdccxwnnj0iyep
2343 Earl Street | Los Angeles
Sold $1,304,000
Small w276kw0mgnznxqp2
1011 Hillside Terrace | Pasadena
Sold $1,298,900
Small h3tqh3ulm5tbuuml
5635 Hallowell Avenue | Arcadia
Sold $1,250,000
Small 36tygw0vmqf0ivdi
402 Virginia Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $1,225,000
Small imldix3zzvgkclzy
2915 Orange Avenue | La Crescenta
sold $1,217,000
Small 7z922dtgqndrej8z
825 Summit Drive | South Pasadena
Sold $1,138,000
Small 7wyacmvwlwgdfh8a
2151 East Mountain Street | Pasadena
Sold $1,025,000
Small 4hsqjjehxqsnt4me
234 Glenullen Drive | Pasadena
Sold $1,000,000
Small ygxydgkv8dntcsyp
2265 East Mountain Street | Pasadena
Sold $985,000
Small aa7lwfs45yujbzrl
190 East Loma Alta Drive | Altadena
Sold $965,000
Small vkzgigji0eb12hvm
1208 Nolden Street | Los Angeles
Sold $955,000
Small fweeq7ks9rsn4zqw
207 Pasqual Avenue | San Gabriel
Sold $950,000
Small 4jwmu6ec35xhoad2
4051 West 7th Street | Los Angeles
Sold $940,000
Small 7tg3iqr4iukfrmzt
396 Buena Loma Street | Altadena
Sold $930,000
Small wbxgzucyygo5tzeg
2301 East Chevy Chase Drive | Glendale
Sold $928,888
Small gl5wjp9vwoc1nabf
559 North El Molino Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $915,000
Small pw0loscfeobooa0a
2055 Rosemont Avenue 2 | Pasadena
Sold $906,000
Small uvyfbfderirbpmso
2306 Parnell Avenue | Los Angeles
Sold $900,000
Small 4afuxik1ogrlvuic
1095 Coronet Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $852,000
Small faziahiwwbhhcdjd
2241 Santa Rosa Avenue | Altadena
Sold $830,111
Small uadmbzv7vml5pfzs
1738 North Holliston Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $827,500
Small vapkw0jwrlpcakps
201 West Scenic Drive | Monrovia
Sold $820,000
Small nqewmhldf8jptere
5749 Noble Avenue | Sherman Oaks
Sold $810,000
Small 5n3xf1zzl5l7ogi2
484 East California Boulevard #13 | Pasadena
Sold $800,000
Small mtzyxfhmzkrjzd4t
1930 Juanita Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $779,000
Small kyb0xnfl8m4adb86
433 North Fairview Street | Burbank
Sold $739,000
Small ult456tyrzouiu4k
6912 Minstrel Avenue | West Hills
Sold $727,000
Small dng0cbplompbkpgw
9408 Cordero Avenue | Tujunga
Sold $682,500
Small memlylg92irccgsw
2903 Butter Creek Drive | Pasadena
Sold $680,000
Small 6fcsn4bkgvrsfbos
411 South Bel Aire Drive | Burbank
Sold $650,000
Small fr7qcdbijiyxuchp
1759 North El Molino Avenue | Pasadena
Sold $648,000
Small 6wjun4sjul3pnecn
1979 Monte Vista Street | Pasadena
Sold $628,000
Small xjxnfje0bpybetpf
80 North Raymond Avenue 109 | Pasadena
Sold $608,700
Small fwnfn8pcpatuy7yp
629 Cabrillo Villas 10 | Los Angeles
Sold $548,000
Small fu0rzjfplwhggosp
716 Bartolo Avenue | Motebello
Sold $530,000
Small wbloufpcelpcme37
4225 Via Arbolada 525 | Los Angeles
Sold $521,000
Small huykokmeynio71da
1726 La Loma Road | Pasadena
Sold $445,000
Small pjtezszujsblsgiz
355 South Marengo Avenue 202 | Pasadena
Sold $443,000
Small gc32vtlaa5yryc9y
$443,000 | Pasadena
Sold $370,000
Small ywe230jlazx7otxm
8408 Hatteras Street 32 | Tarzana
Sold $308,000
Small 2drgmudcj8bwmakl
53225 Toll Gate Road | Idyllwild
Sold $295,000
Small bqvwuhlwrjytelb9
845 Greenridge Drive | La Canada Flintridge
Sold $6,500
Small k3hi7rkkwyvdspdl
281 North Mar Vista Avenue 1 | Pasadena
Sold $3,500


I have known Roland for years. He is both sharp and efficient in his real estate dealings. I have recommended him, with out reservation to a number of friends who either wanted to buy or sell their homes.
- 02/21/2014 - bhennig5
Roland was incredibly helpful and effective as our real estate agent. Over the years, we have bought and sold several homes, and Roland is without a doubt the best realtor we have ever worked with. He was helpful throughout all aspects of the process, provided insights, and continued to assist us after the closing. We would certainly use Roland again, and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
- 02/21/2014 - robmm101
“I was a trustee and had to sell a condo. The deceased had known him many, many years as did her son. She had specifically instructed me to list with Roland. I found him to be professional, friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the process and he made it so easy! I have been in my home almost 23 years and have no plans to move. But if I ever do I will definitely choose Roland as my realtor.”
- 02/21/2014 - Jane Wilkens
Hi Roland – Thank you for everything you did to help sell our home in Pasadena. We appreciate it all so much. You did a wonderful job for us. I believe it was about 15 years ago I met you as a neighbor in Historic highlands. We worked on neighborhood committees together. Your dedication to Historic Highlands and it's occupants was amazing and inspiring. I could not have made a better choice in asking you to list our home. From the moment we met and decided to go forward with selling it, every aspect was a pleasure. Many thanks from us..
- 02/23/2014 - cawlina
Selling one’s home is both an emotional and financial decision; thus, it is critical to work with a representative that safeguards one’s interests on all fronts. In this light, Roland Wilhelm has served as my vanguard. He has been exemplary from the start of signing on as my real estate agent through the completion of escrow. Although my situation may not be unique, I have been in the process of relocating from Pasadena to the DC area. Through the whole process, which has been bittersweet, Roland has handled the many details with the City of Pasadena, contractors, American Trust Escrow, etc. with a sense of humor and calm that made the experience much more pleasurable. To this reality, I am truly grateful. Roland demonstrates his worth through compassion, knowledge, and relationships, which made the selling “transactional” process a very positive experience. Roland brings much value as a respected and talented individual on the Deasy/Penner & Partners team. Without reservation I recommend Roland to other prospective clients who are purchasing a new home or selling a current home. Deasy/Penner & Partners live up to their value proposition – Home as art.”
- 02/23/2014 - linda734
“I met Rolland when he was selling a house next door to me. Then I must have run in to him at least ten times in the next month at open houses when my mother was looking for a house. So naturally he became my first choice to sell my house. And I’m very glad I choose him. I’ve had several offers in the first week the house went on the market. Not only that but he was very helpful in helping me to get ready for the sale. He has really made the whole prowess very pleasant. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything in a way that I could easily understand. I’m very glad to have him selling my house. I would definitely use him again.”
- 02/23/2014 - tasc1
“Thank you for all your hard work & time. You have been an amazing help to us through this entire process (twice with buying and once with selling so far). We would have gone crazy without your guidance. We look forward to working with you again. ” Jordan Snedcof & Lauren Godsil
- 02/25/2014 - Jordan Snedcof and Lauren Godsil
I cannot express how pleased I am with Roland's services as an agent. He is totally responsive and complete in those responses. He comes across as extremely knowledgeable and looking out for my interests. Honest and straightforward. I would recommend him to anyone.
- 03/04/2014 - Jeff Gunther
How often does it happen that when buying a home, it is the Seller's broker who is so professional, congenial, knowledgeable, kind and supportive through the process that you know he will be the one who handles all your future housing needs. Little did I know what was to come and Roland (and Candace) have guided me through a challenging and emotional sale with a wonderfully positive outcome. Only Roland could have pulled this off with his diplomacy, patience, compassion and situational sensibility. We are about to embark on the sale of that first home he sold me and search for my new one. I look forward to the next chapter with complete trust in Roland's expertise.
- 03/12/2014 - Karen Delaney
Choosing Roland as our agent when my husband and I decided to sell our condo was one of the easiest and best decisions we could have made. My husband and his family have known Roland for several years, long before I came into the picture, and he has always been spoken of with the highest regard. Not only does he know his stuff, but he is a lot of fun to be around! Our condo (the same one Roland helped my husband find a few years ago) went into escrow within 3 days of coming on the market because he knew the area, knew the demand, priced it well, AND helped us set it up so that it would show beautifully. He is honest, straightforward, and considerate. He has been there for us to answer our questions every step of the way. I personally could not imagine having anyone else as our agent, and am really looking forward to our house-hunting adventures with him in the future!
- 03/17/2014 - Jeff and Ashley Hames
Roland and Candace are an awesome team! Working with them was so easy, and during such a stressful period they made everything manageable. Roland did so well preparing me for each step of the process once we knew we wanted to buy a house. His knowledge of the market and current trends was on point. It was nice to have been “prepped” for current market conditions and what it would take to get our offer accepted. As FHA buyers, Roland and Candace had their work cut out for them, but they got the job done! Besides, “location! location! location!”, the true real estate motto should be, “agent! agent! agent!” I would recommend Roland to all of my closest friends for buying or selling real estate in the greater LA area.
- 03/17/2014 - Alex Ford
Excellent Agent! Roland was amazing and I'd trust him with any transaction I have. He worked tirelessly and helped my husband and I find the perfect house. He was a great negotiator and helped us get a house that had 15 other competitive offers. I'd recommend him to anyone.
- 03/19/2014 - Jason Kinsella
Roland is the best. He was very patient with my wife and I and gave us wonderful advice regarding the sale of our first home. From staging, to pricing to marketing - Roland's advice was spot on and helped us get top dollar for our home. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone. He and Candace also brokered the purchase of our new home. I am 100% certain we would not have been the accepted offer were it not for their hard work. I can't speak highly enough about them.
- 06/24/2014 - Ian and Milana Wood
What I particularly valued working with Roland during the recent sale of my home in Eagle Rock was his responsiveness! When I had questions, Roland was right back to me! As an elderly teenager (in my 70s), he "talked me off the ledge" on more than one occasion! A great guy, who has the answers! Selling a home, or buying one, these days can be very stressful! It's nice to have someone who has your back, knows how to "stage" a property, knows how to market it, and knows how to coach you through the morass of on-line paperwork! We did fine! Thanks Roland (and Candace)!
- 10/19/2014 - Joy McCallum
Within a few short months of working with Roland as our agent, we have our new home! We had searched for YEARS in this competitive market, met many agents, but Roland stands out. He listens, he cares, and he's a brilliant strategist. He sat down with us in our initial meeting for a thorough discussion on what we wanted. We talked details, location, the market; he covered everything. On top of that, he's so easy to work with, professional but down to earth, an all around great guy. He also has amazing connections and put us in touch with a phenomenal mortgage lender (seriously best I've worked with in over 15 years).
- 11/21/2014 - Michelle Thornton
We were extremely impressed. Both Roland and Candace were wonderful to work with, very responsive and diligent. We always felt that they had plenty of time for any questions or concerns that we had and they did everything that we expected and more to make the selling process straightforward and stress free. We would definitely recommend Roland and Candace as trustworthy professionals to anyone looking to sell or buy a house.
- 12/01/2014 - Lawrence and Fran Aldridge
My wife and I had interviewed a couple of highly recommended Realtors before selecting Roland and his partner, Candace, to help us find our new home and list the old one. It was not so much as what they said or promised that sold us (although they delivered on their promises and some), it was the patience and deliberation they employed to understand our needs that sealed our decision. Roland and Candace were professional yet personable, knowledgeable without being “slick”. They always gave us timely and incisive advice while never being aggressive or pushy. When complications arose, they handled them with great aplomb and resolved the matters swiftly. Not only were they instrumental in securing our new property, they also negotiated a nice savings on our purchase. When it came to selling our old home, Roland and Candace did not miss a beat in getting everything ready. We received multiple offers on the second day of listing! Now, the strong Southern Cal market didn’t hurt, but credit where credit's due when we received 14 offers, and a final sale price that was 10% over asking. Just as in many professions nowadays, online tools and deeply discounted alternatives are abundant. But technology can never replace an experienced professional, and low-cost providers are likely incapable of navigating the nuances and complexities that come with real estate transactions. Identify your own needs, interview the team and see if these consummate professionals would match them. We are more than glad we did.
- 04/28/2015 - Cecil Ho
Roland was recommended to my husband and me by friends whom we trust. We worked with both Roland and Candace for about 6 months before we found the right home for us. There were certainly times where the process of finding and buying a house was frustrating and slow and overwhelming and fast, but Roland and Candace were available and calm throughout. There was nothing they would not do to help us, and that continues through the first few months of ownership. I trust their judgement on homes, I trust their advice on the process of buying a home. Basically it is nice to work with someone you can trust to have your best interest in mind when dealing with these very large decisions and price tags.
- 09/22/2015 - Kaspar von Braun and Jessica Krick
Roland and Candace are true professionals. They provided cutting edge skill combined with old school service. Throughout the sale of my home, they also made me feel comfortable, and were respectful of my inputs.
- 09/28/2015 - Alex Ciubal
Great team, helped so much with our first purchase. Roland was on top of everything, and took great care in helping us. I didn't feel pressured or pushed. I was given great advice that was delivered with confidence.
- 01/28/2016 - Jensen Wilhelm
Roland and Candace make a great team. In addition to being lovely people they were immediately responsive to every contact we had with them. They are highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the real estate process which makes everything run so smoothly. They receive the highest recommendation that I can give.
- 01/29/2016 - Dave Lundegard
Roland and Candace did a great job working with us to find a house for my daughter and her husband. Their knowledge of the area and market were terrific. Once we made an offer, Roland did a great job working with the seller to have some necessary repair work done. They made this a fun and successful effort.
- 03/08/2016 - Al and Jean Fohrer
My wife and I just purchased a home in Pasadena and I am so thankful that we were able to work with Roland and Candace. From our first meeting, their experience with the area and expertise navigating the entire process was evident. They took the time to get to know us and exactly what we were looking for. They were always available and really found us just the kind of properties we wanted. When we finally found 'the one,' they were amazing and quarterbacked the entire process with us. As a first time buyer, I can't imaging dealing with the process without them. They will be our agents for life and I would recommend them to anyone. Do yourself a favor and give them a call.
- 03/09/2016 - Austin DeArman
We were initially referred to Roland and Candace by the attorney who is handling my sister's estate. We needed a realtor to assist us in the sale of my sister's home. At our first meeting, both Roland and Candace told us that they would help us in any way they could. They were more than true to their promise. They are highly skilled and professional. They helped us prepare the home for presentation and sale, carefully researching comps and setting a reasonable price. The home was sold within one week, with three offers, all of which were above the asking price. My wife and I are seniors living at some distance from the home. Following the opening of escrow, Candace actively assisted us in the sale of the contents and disposition of my sister's personal property and furnishings. If we had not had such personal and caring help, it would have been extremely difficult for us to complete this process. We cannot thank Roland and Candace enough for all of the services and personal help they provided, and want to give them the highest recommendation possible.
- 04/01/2016 - Tom and Marilyn Malcolm
Roland and Candace are simply the best !! Their knowledge, experience and expertise in all things real estate are surpassed only by the kindness, respect and patience with which they treat their clients. I wholeheartedly recommend this dynamic pair of professionals. Whether you're buying or selling, call Roland and Candace !
- 04/30/2016 - Yvonne Cantey
Roland and Candace are absolutely wonderful real estate agents. They are experienced, caring and professional. They know real estate inside and out. They communicate clearly and follow up promptly. They take the time to make sure I am comfortable in understanding documents and timelines. They roll up their sleeves and get things done. They have my best interest at heart and go out of their way to make such a difficult and emotional process as easy and smooth as they can. I highly recommend them and would use them in a minute if I needed to buy or sell real estate again.
- 05/10/2016 - Linda Hammes
Roland and Candace, and the rest of the team at PartnersTrust do a FANTASTIC job. I recommend Roland and Candace as THE best real estate professionals. They are extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. You can have confidence in their ability to get the job done. They are there to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Roland and Candace keep you informed at every step. Definitely the ones to call for your real estate professionals. Great experience!!!!!
- 05/12/2016 - Marilyn Lekkerkerk
Roland and Candace are among the most professional and organized realtors I have every worked with. I have done a number of real estate transactions and these two have a very organized, methodical process to lead a seller or buyer through the home buying/selling process. They know how to market a property, know the legal requirements and are very patient in answering questions. They have a strong team that supports them. If you are looking for agents I would HIGHLY recommend these two.
- 05/12/2016 - Tom and Janet Selinske
We had a great experience with Roland, Candace and Alex. After putting in a bid on a house we were selling, we had such a great experience that we hired them to find us a house. They were very helpful and informative, as we were first time buyers, and explained what was going on both before the hunt began and along the way as well. They were very communicative and responsive via email and text which was very helpful when we had questions about different properties. You really get the sense that you are working with a team that is looking out for your best interests. I would certainly recommend the team to anyone looking for a home. Experienced or not, big house or small! Thanks Roland, Candace and Alex!
- 05/18/2016 - Daniel and Kaley Feldman
Roland and Candace are awesome! We bought our first house with them in 2001, bought the next house with them in 2014, and sold the first house recently. They are great for both buying and selling! For the buys, they really listened to find out what we were looking for, and they went the extra mile to find it for us. For the sale, they made the process simple and convenient by marketing the house extremely well, pricing it right, and finding a buyer who loves it. They are very professional, extremely effective, and also fun to work with!
- 06/03/2016 - Eric and Beth Bax
Candace and Roland are amazing. They held my hand through my first purchase of an apartment in Downtown Los Angeles, while I was living in Shanghai China! They are responsive, rarely longer than a few minutes responding to my e mails, supportive, encouraging, comforting, and took care of every little detail. I cant say enough great things about them. They worked with the seller's agent on my behalf, following up on every detail, they walked me through every question and the sometimes confusing escrow process. I hope to live in my new apartment for a long time, but if I sell or buy again, I'll definitely be using them again!
- 06/22/2016 - Ali Rubenstein
Roland, Candace and Alex were a great team! They provided informed and objective advice to assist throughout the selling process. Each had different, but valuable, perspectives to help us in our decision making. Our questions were addressed quickly and thoroughly. They priced the home right to sell and represented us well during the negotiation process. We also appreciated the fantastic job their professional photographer did in showcasing the home to bring out it's character and personality.
- 06/29/2016 - Nancy Jenkins
Just about to close sale of our home in South Pasadena. Roland and Candace exceeded our already high expectations in every way. Whenever we got stuck cleaning the house or finding painters they were quick to give us excellent referrals. They were tireless showing the house at all times and were able to motivate an excellent buyer to pay the price we desired to part with our wonderful home for 13 years. As Roland, Candice and Alex work as a team you really get 3 professionals for the price of one:) Best Michael and Stephanie
- 08/08/2016 -Michael and Stephanie Wolff
From start to finish, Roland and Candace were knowledgeable, efficient and gave excellent advice in the search for my home. Once the offer was accepted, they had a team of inspectors, plumbers and electricians to choose from to get the process started. Throughout the entire time Roland and Candace were always calm and patient and made home buying easy.
- 09/01/2016 - John Ruck
Roland and Candace handled the sale of my mother's home with uncanny grace. They worked with me from afar and made the process as smooth as possible. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
- 09/26/2016 - Kris Shanks
Roland and Candace go above and beyond to find you a place to live. Their knowledge and experience is unparalleled. They not only answered all our real estate questions but also any questions we had about the area and what to expect living there. Roland and Candace will not only find you. Beautiful home but also be a great resource as you explore your new neighborhood.
- 10/02/2016 - Jessica Boyle
They are an outstanding team and they really focus on the details. They have a great process to get you and your house ready to sell. We sold our house within a week for over asking. I would highly recommend them to any new or potential client.
- 10/06/2016 - Lonny and Desiree Rollins
After several frustrating months and multiple rejected offers, my husband and I knew that we needed to change our strategy as prospective homebuyers. After some debate, we decided to change our realtor. A friend referred us to the real estate team of Roland Wilhelm, Candace Gunther and Alex Ford. Throughout the entire process we were impressed by their professionalism and dedication to us as clients. Since they work as a team, there was always one or more of them available to meet us to view homes or respond to e-mails, phone calls and text messages. They are very knowledgeable about Pasadena and surrounding areas, and they found us a beautiful home in a desirable neighborhood. We submitted a competitive offer and we found ourselves in escrow. During escrow, our realtor team took care of all the details and stayed on task making the process quick, organized and painless. Thanks to Roland, Candace and Alex, we finally own our dream home! I honestly feel we couldn’t have done this without them and I’m so grateful that we found this amazing team.
- 03/17/2017 - Kathleen and Ethan Anticeuich
Candace, Roland, and Alex are a dream team. Having recently moved to the area they helped us find our dream home. They took time and were very attentive to us and our needs. They are local experts that helped us through the process of looking for homes, deciding what we wanted, and ultimately guiding us in making a winning offer. Their experience and knowledge is incomparable. We are so fortunate to have met and worked with them. We look forward to working with them in the future and referring them to friends. If you are looking for great and trusting realtors in the area, they are your team!
- 05/05/2017 - Jessica Boyle
We first met Roland and Candace at an open house in Pasadena. Although we quickly knew that the house wasn't right for us, we stayed for more than an hour, talking with Roland and Candace about what we wanted and needed in a house. They listened attentively, asking insightful questions that brought our objectives into clearer focus for us. When we finally left, we knew we’d found something as elusive and important as our dream house – we’d found the team of dedicated professionals who would partner with us to find our new home. As first-time buyers, we needed a lot of hand-holding -- and they really delivered! Roland and Candace are careful listeners and endlessly patient in answering questions. They calmly guided us through what had seemed like an intimidating process, making it understandable, manageable and even enjoyable. They are experienced and knowledgeable, reassuring and responsive, and they always treated us like their most important clients. Roland and Candace say their business is built on relationships, not transactions, and we believe it -- they never put any pressure on us to “hurry up and buy”; instead, they encouraged us to keep looking until we found a home that we both loved. They provide the kind of great service that everyone promises but almost nobody delivers. Roland and Candace don’t just show houses, they “know” houses -- inside and out, including construction and design. They added value at every stage of the process, providing insightful and realistic suggestions about how we could remodel homes to better meet our needs. Before making recommendations, they looked under houses to evaluate the plumbing, electrics, insulations, shear walls, etc. They arranged and attended all the home inspections with us, making sure the inspectors covered everything and ensuring that we understood what was happening. This paid off when their follow-through and attention to detail revealed a potentially costly encroachment issue that would not have been discovered by the routine inspections. When our personal circumstances required us to move our home search from Pasadena to Palos Verdes, Roland and Candace switched gears quickly and seamlessly, providing the same high-quality service despite the added distance. As an endurance motorcycle rider, Roland was up to the challenge. Although he spent hours on the road, Roland always arrived on time, smiling, and managing to look both professional and cool! Roland and Candace have provided us with phenomenal service in our home search, and we’re pleased to give them our highest recommendation. We’re lucky to be their clients, and we think you would be, too.
- 05/19/2017 - Bob Mills and Lori Swafford
Where to begin? My brother and I were tasked with selling our family home of 50+ years on behalf of my parents whose health has significantly declined and recently moved to an Assisted Living Facility. Both my brother and I live out of the area. We compiled a list of referrals for realtors and whittled the list down to three prospects to list the home. We scheduled personal interviews for the three on a day my brother was available to attend from the East Coast. The zip code of the home has at least two distinctive areas with differing value ranges. Roland, Candace and Alex were the only team that showed up with comparable sales in the specific neighborhood of the house vs. a more generic zip code analysis. After some deliberation among the family we chose Roland, Candace and Alex. It was absolutely the right choice! Once engaged, the team reviewed their marketing plan with us and how they expected the process to play out. The skeptics in us were hopeful, but felt they were perhaps a bit optimistic. They proved us wrong. The team handled every detail with constant communication and assisted with resources at the house when we were not able to be there physically (virtually everything). The marketing was superb and the follow through was even better. The offers came in where they anticipated and above the asking price. As I am sure happens with most escrows, there were a few glitches that the team handled with aplomb. We trusted their judgment in every decision and we were rewarded with what seemed to be a seamless transaction. Thank you Roland, Candace and Alex from our family. I cannot imagine there is a better team than yours.
- 08/20/2017 - Chris Burr
Working with Roland and his team has been nothing short of amazing. They eat, sleep and breathe real estate and from the minute we met them we knew we were in good hands. They listened to our needs, sent us homes that they knew we would like, and met us to look. When it came time for us to sell our home they were the only ones we knew we could trust. They helped us get into open-house shape and escorted every potential buyer through our home. In the end we sold for way above what we thought we could, and its all thanks to Roland, Candace and Alex. Thank you!
- 10/09/2017 - Adam and Mary O'Connor