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Located in the Latitude 33 Building right along Washington Boulevard’s western storefronts, our Marina del Rey office is primed and poised to navigate the waters of your next real estate endeavor. Offering a remarkable array of bayside and beachfront options in the Marina’s prestigious Silver Strand, Silver Triangle, and Silicon Beach neighborhoods, our professionals have garnered decades of experience serving home buyers and sellers alike in these elite coastal communities. Providing a serene backdrop dotted with sailboats along a stunning skyline, Marina del Rey has been quickly rising in both attraction and attention, especially with its recently revitalized shopping centers, residential communities, and the currently expanding Burton W. Chace Park.

About our Manager

Pat Heller offers a proven history of excellence as an entrepreneur, real estate agent and real estate practice leader. For the past two decades, each office she managed has been a Top 5 Revenue Producer in national fields typically consisting of over 250 offices. She is a specialist in organizing operations to best service higher-end segments of the marketplace.

Pat’s signature contributions as a practice leader are focused in three areas: Customer Service, Operations Enhancement Strategies and Staff Development. Equipped with a thorough appreciation of the values important to high-net worth market demographics, her abilities to optimize internal and external opportunities combined with interpersonal aptitudes has led to top-tier, consistent and often record-breaking annual sales growth leadership. With respect to her operations enhancement contributions, Pat generated several innovative solutions related to leveraging existing relationships, managing managers and producing high-appeal sales collateral. Pat has received numerous corporate recognition awards and honoraria for her staff development leadership skills. She is superlative in talent identification, training, coaching-mentoring and organizing personalized professional development upgrading. Employee reviews rate her as one of the most dynamic and consistent leader and she is a nationally recognized corporate resource for generating strategies to raise morale while professionalizing staff.

Pat’s dynamic leadership style is based on subject matter expertise in front-line sales, customer service, sales team recruitment & development and multi-office management. With a record of superior performance (her personnel file assessments consistently place her in the top tier), Pat has delivered significant growth metrics throughout her career. That her drive is mediated by a nurturing dimension is evidenced in the fact that she has consistently retained her staff at industry-surpassing levels. She is the developer of a number of client capture and agent professional development campaigns which have won accolades from colleagues and clients.

Pat was born and educated in New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles in 1980. She received her real estate license in 1988 and benefited from further intensive business training at Malibu’s Pepperdine University. She is a fundraiser for a number of community & health development agencies including Habitat for Humanity, Sojourn, American Cancer Society, Aids Foundation and The Special Olympics.

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