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Martin Withrow
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As a former Creative Director, I have been trained to be a creative problem solver. I'm a great listener and have a keen discerning eye. My creative background, customer service and attention to detail are a distinct advantage! Real Estate has always been a passion of mine, especially after remodelin ... read more »

As a former Creative Director, I have been trained to be a creative problem solver. I'm a great listener and have a keen discerning eye. My creative background, customer service and attention to detail are a distinct advantage! Real Estate has always been a passion of mine, especially after remodeling several homes in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Palm Springs.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and am a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, with a BFA in Graphic Design and Minor in Photography. For 12 years I worked at Weider Publications, where I served as Creative Director for FLEX and Men's Fitness Magazine.

Moving from fitness to fashion, I then served as Creative Art Director and Photography Producer for a luxury lifestyle company in Hollywood, where I collaborated on projects for Baccarat, The Rolling Stones and The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

During my career, I've worked with Hollywood A-List Celebrities, Models, Photographers, Hair & Make-up Artists and Stylists for over two decades. I'm a team player and love the collaborative effort it takes for the creative process to flourish.

Allow me to use my mid-western work ethic, enthusiasm, negotiating skills and creative background in Advertising and Marketing to help buy or sell your most valuable asset. I am hands on in every aspect of the transaction and will be with you through every step of the way!

My business goes where my Clients take me. My areas of expertise are Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Palm Springs.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your Real Estate needs!

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We were thrilled to work with Marty. He timed the sale of our condo perfectly and had an open house to local brokers immediately after it went on the market. As a result we had a committed buyer within 10 days. Marty kept us positive if we got a little discouraged. We would highly recommend him! Thank you Marty for all your help! We really appreciate you!
- Roger G and Daniel L, Palm Springs, CA
As a return Client, Martin Withrow has done it again! Marty found me a beautiful condo and helped me rent it; which created a lucrative income stream for the last 3 years! Now, he's sold it very close to the asking price, in less than two weeks for a hefty profit!!! He did an excellent job marketing the property with spectacular photos, great copy and expertly run Open Houses. He's great with other Agents and knows how to get the job done! I will be using Marty for all of my future Real Estate deals in Los Angeles and Palm Springs... Well done Marty!!!
- – Bryan H, Hollywood, CA
Moving can be one of the most stressful times in life. This is doubly true if you’re looking to buy your new place to live, and even worse if you’re looking to do it in a hurry, as we were. You need someone in your corner who not only knows the ropes, but is easy to get ahold of and work with, and then goes into battle to close the deal for you when the time comes. Marty Withrow is all that and more! Before we were introduced to Marty, we tried to use a realtor friend of mine. He was terrible. He wouldn’t respond to emails requesting to see places, so we could only see places that had open houses. We watched in frustration as one by one the best units in town sold without us even seeing them. If he did take us to see a place, he’d invariably show up with the keys to the wrong unit, completely wasting our time. When we tried to put in an offer on a place, he sent it three days later because he couldn’t be bothered to help on the weekend. Needless to say, our offer was not accepted. After struggling with him for a month, we finally fired him. We got Marty’s name from a friend, and from the moment we met him, the experience with him versus our other realtor was like night and day. We were looking at multiple places together the day after our first evening phone call with him! Not only did he bring the right keys, he arranged to see other units in the same building at the same time. And on this first day of seeing condos with him, when my car battery died unexpectedly after seeing the first two places, we thought that would be the end of the day. Nope. Marty spent three hours driving us all around town in his own car so that we could keep all our appointments. We were honestly impressed. And he continued to be wonderful from then on out! He was so responsive every time we called, texted or emailed, even if we had what were probably stupid questions. He educated us about the process. He jumped on listings we wanted to see to the extent that sometimes we were in the very first rush of people seeing a place. In fact, we looked at the place we eventually bought the first day it was being shown, and were able to put in an offer within days of it being listed. Getting a jump on a listing is a HUGE advantage in Los Angeles, where competition for affordable places is fierce! But that’s not all. Once our offer was in, Marty didn’t just disappear and consider his job done. The sellers and the sellers’ realtor were so difficult to deal with and had so many hoops to jump through, that it was almost like they were trying to NOT sell the place. But Marty was there battling for us literally every step of the way. He was in touch with our mortgage broker, working out the paperwork for the loan. He was in touch with the seller’s realtor, working out our conditions. He was in touch with the loan initiator. He helped us through our inspections. When the seller wouldn’t turn over certain of their inspection reports in a timely manner, he even took it upon himself to directly call the company that had done the inspection and procure us a copy of the report. The whole process with him was amazing. He seemed to be everywhere at once. I started to wonder when he slept! We were constantly calling with huge issues that had come up, and he was always ready to deal with whatever it was. And despite the huge stress level we were under and how anxious we were about everything, and honestly very demanding about timelines and answers, he never failed to be cheerful, helpful, informative, and kind. Even months after we had closed, when the escrow company called to say they’d lost some paperwork and our lender was requesting we fill it out ASAP, he was right on top of it, arranging for them to send the notary back out immediately at no cost to us for their mistake. If you are looking for an extraordinary realtor, you need to work with Marty Withrow. He will go above and beyond every step of the way for you. He will even help you find contractors once you own the place! Honestly, there is nothing that this man will not do to put you in the home of your dreams. If you’re looking for a realtor, don’t hesitate to call Marty today!
- Lauree E & Mark H, Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
Martin is a true gentleman! He is a good listener, thoughtful and intelligent. He will plan how to sell your house in a manner that suits both your needs and the market condition. He will find you the home of your dreams utilizing your desires, needs and lifestyle. As a talented stylist he can envision potential that might not be obvious. I have been fortunate to find Martin as a realtor! He will be my realtor for as long as I need one! If you want the best then you want Martin!
- Linda R, Rancho Mirage, CA
We live in LA and bought in Palm Springs. Marty is a professional who really knows the area and helped us in so many ways from finding our home to recommending local trades people. What a lovely person and a great experience!
- Allen and Carol P, Los Angeles, CA
I enjoyed working with Marty very much and will have him help me in my future search for a new home. Highlights: - Always available by phone, text and emails. - Worked very hard to negotiate for me and close the deal. - Friendly and trust worthy sales agent.
- Wayne A, San Francisco, CA
Where do I even start? As a business owner myself, I know the importance of amazing customer service and Martin well exceeded that. My partner and I live in Los Angeles, but were looking for a second property in Palm Springs. We contacted Marty because we heard he was the best in the business. That was an understatement. From day one of our home buying journey, Marty (I call him Marty) has been our angel in disguise when it came to his expert knowledge, response time and attention to detail. Anytime I had a question, he would have an answer immediately. When we were ready to put our offer in, he immediately had a detailed offer ready for us to sign. He uses the latest software so there is no guess work. We had a response in minutes. Never go into the home buying process without contacting Marty first. He knows his stuff and is a shark when it comes to finding you your dream home. We could not have done it without you!!!!
- Matt C, Los Angeles
Martin was great! He was flexible and quick to find us answers. He didn't push us into something we weren't comfortable buying. He gave us the time we needed to think about our decisions. He was all about his customers concerns and making sure we were satisfied. We also really enjoyed Martin because he was very friendly and welcoming.
- – Alex and Greg, Yucca Valley, CA
I recently decided that I wanted to invest in an income property in the Palm Springs area and had to keep within a certain price range. Martin was able to help me identify the perfect property that was within my budget in record time. Martin also worked with me on what needed to be done to maximize income revenue. With some inexpensive decorator touches, the condo was transformed into a beautiful boutique property that had a mass appeal. Not only did Martin help me find the perfect investment property, but he also photographed, advertised and found the perfect tenant. I can't thank him enough for helping me create a revenue stream that will give me income and security for years to come. I highly recommend Martin and will be using him for all my future investments, home sales and purchases. His enthusiasm and designer eye was a major asset in helping to expand my real estate portfolio.
- Bryan H, West Hollywood, CA
Martin Withrow was always considerate, personable and paid great attention to detail. He handled both the sale and purchase of my personal single family home and it all closed without a hitch.
- Skip L, Palm Springs, CA
My husband and I travelled to Palm Springs to meet with Marty. After several telephone conversations, emails and texts in which we talked about our specific needs. Marty met us on time at the hotel with a carefully orchestrated schedule of property to view over several days. Marty was well-informed about all of the areas and homes we toured and offered helpful advice without being biased. As we narrowed our search, he organized a second and then a final third visit to our choices for an evening viewing. After we made our decision, Marty went into battle for us. He secured a great deal and was there at every step of the way, working with us and our needs. I could not recommend him more highly. Marty knows the area, knows the homes, knows the city and the people. If you are looking for a respectful, well-informed agent who is there for you, then Marty is the agent for you. FIVE STAR.
- Peter S and Tim G, Indianapolis, IN
Marty was super-great to work with. He understands that selling can be stressful and was able to help us through the process. He was always available to answer any questions and gave us excellent feedback that made our home standout for buyers. We know it sold quick thanks to his hard work.
- Nathan I, Palm Springs, CA
Marty was amazing. He was so quick to respond to any and all questions. He was knowledgable about the area and the process. He had great ideas and worked tirelessly to help sell our property, ensuring it stood out among all the other properties out there. I'd recommend him to anyone!!!
- David I, Palm Springs, CA
Marty is genuinely kind, and he was quick to make arrangements to show me properties in which I was interested. He is professional, friendly, and always willing to help. I found my dream house, and Marty helped ensure that I acquired it. He'll "go to bat" for you!
- Tara L, Desert Hot Springs, CA
- Ted & Tom N, Studio City, CA
A rare find is the best way to describe Marty! I have bought and sold homes all over the United States and work in a real estate related profession. After working with Marty for my home search, I would rank him as an outstanding performer in all areas that make an exceptional real estate agent. I am a very particular home buyer and demand a lot from an agent, not only for information about the area, but also recent home sales, etc. Not only is Marty knowledgeable, but he was willing to listen to my likes and dislikes and patiently arranged for me to see any home that interested me. Being that this was a family purchase; he was very accommodating to different family member's schedules. Of course, because of his deep familiarity of the inventory of available homes in the market place, he was able to save me time by providing me with detailed information on homes and communities. He always immediately communicated new listings, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend Marty! He is the best!!
- Deborah M, Desert Hot Springs, CA
We found Marty at one of his open houses and although we did not end up purchasing that home, he was very helpful in telling us about the real estate market in the Palm Springs area, about which we were not yet familiar. He pointed us to a development that perfectly suited our tastes and budget, and then assisted us in working with the developer to purchase a home. Marty was always very responsive to our needs and it was a pleasure to work with him!
- Steve S & Stella C, Simi Valley, CA
Marty is fantastic. I was recommended to him by a friend after my husband and I had a bad experience with another realtor, an experience that left us feeling a bit discouraged about finding a house in the competitive LA market. Knowing this, Marty worked very hard to find us the perfect house and he delivered. He found us a great house in a great neighborhood perfect for raising a family. And it was during the negotiation process that Marty's expertise really came through. We put in an offer on a house that was listed for sale in "as-is" condition. However, once we had the inspection and we discovered a number of issues that needed to be fixed, Marty was able to get the sellers to come down $25,000 despite the "as-is" sale. My husband and I both appreciated Marty's work and we would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
- Cassandra P, Glendale, CA