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A real estate professional for almost 30 years, Marta Samulon is one of the top sales associates in Pacific Palisades and the Westside of Los Angeles. Marta has regularly been among her company’s top 1% of sales associates nationwide, as well.

Marta specializes in the West Los Angeles real estate ... read more »

A real estate professional for almost 30 years, Marta Samulon is one of the top sales associates in Pacific Palisades and the Westside of Los Angeles. Marta has regularly been among her company’s top 1% of sales associates nationwide, as well.

Marta specializes in the West Los Angeles real estate market, including the communities of Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Sunset Mesa. She is well-known in the real estate brokerage community and among her clients for her integrity, thoroughness and attention to detail – qualities that have enabled her to rise to the top of her profession, and succeed in “up” or “down” real estate markets.

Marta’s clients repeatedly describe her as “persistent, possessing positive energy and excellent negotiating skills, diligent, reliable, patient, honest throughout showing, advertising and negotiations processes.” Out of area sellers, sometimes thousands of miles away, commend her for “handling all aspects of the transaction for them smoothly, in a calm, professional manner,” and for “going very far beyond the call of duty.” Buyers have thanked her for her “knowledge of today’s housing market,” and for being “attentive, friendly, and having caring concern for their real estate needs.”

Marta and her family have lived in Pacific Palisades and the adjacent Sunset Mesa areas for over 30 years, giving her an intimate knowledge of those communities and housing markets. Her daughters attended local schools and the University of California.

Prior to entering the real estate field, Marta was a researcher with The Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, where she acquired valuable communications and research skills directly applicable to her work in real estate. Marta attended the University of California at Berkeley, where she received her B.A. in Political Science and Master’s in Public Policy.

She is a native of Chile, South America, and is fluent in Spanish. read less «

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18420 Wakecrest Dr | Malibu
Last listed at $2,295,000
20494 Royal Stone Dr | Malibu
Last listed at $2,175,000
18440 Clifftop Way | Malibu
Last listed at $2,149,000
13509 Bayliss Rd | Los Angeles
Last listed at $2,079,000
16426 Akron St. | Pacific Palisades
Last listed at $1,975,000
5395 Walworth Ct | Oak Park
Last listed at $1,499,950 (Represented Buyer)
18147 Coastline Dr #8 | Malibu
Last listed at $1,149,000
8000 Yorktown Ave | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,049,000
13044 Pacific Promenade #308 | Playa Vista
Last listed at $965,000
1600 Steinhart Ave | Redondo Beach
Last listed at $879,000 (Represented Buyer)
110 S Guadalupe Ave #3 | Redondo Beach
Last listed at $859,000 (Represented Buyer)
5172 Pesto Way | Oak Park
Last listed at $849,000
942 Woodlawn Dr | Thousand Oaks
Last listed at $560,000
18134 Kingsport Dr. | Malibu
Last listed at $13,750/mo
3643 Oceanhill Way | Malibu
Last listed at $9,000/mo


Marta Samulon is one of the most knowledgeable residential real estate brokers I have ever encountered. Her focus and dedication to her market... remarkable. I have known of Marta for over 20 years and when our mother passed away and we had to sell her residence I knew exactly who to call. In my humble opinion, Marta has a presence and track record... like no other and we saw results. The house went into multiple offers and we achieved a price above our asking. She's smart and savvy and very ethical. She understands the dynamics of Trusts and helped us in many other ways that we're above and beyond the call of duty; a real pleasure to work with -- I highly recommend Marta.
- Andrea McNeill, Los Angeles, CA
I am not often inspired to write a letter of recommendation, but I feel that the whole experience (of selling my house) was much easier and less stressful for me, due to Marta’s skills and expertise. Marta kept me well informed on everything that transpired, and quickly returned my phone calls and emails. Her professional attitude and genuine concern for my best interest, made a difficult and complicated situation seem so much easier than I ever imagined. We closed successfully within a short period of time, due to her diligence and follow up.I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Los Angeles. Believe me, you will want someone with her tenacity and knowledge on your side going into the process.
- Carol Dignan, Los Angeles, CA
I have owned property in Malibu for over thirty years... Although many competent Real Estate professionals have assisted me, none can match Marta Samulon. Her low-key, effective, yet charming approach to presenting her clients with alternatives is extraordinary... Marta's work ethic and straight-thinking honesty saves her clients from worry and indecision. Before retirement I was a Real Estate Attorney. Marta Samulon is the best Real Estate professional I have known in or out of my profession.
- G.W. McCormack, Los Angeles, CA
I am so happy with the services of Marta Samulon who helped me sell my parent's home in Sunset Mesa... Marta was very pro-active in getting the maximum number of potential buyers to look at the house under the best conditions...I was new to this process, and Marta walked me through every step helping me get a very good price in a depressed market. I was able to rely on her completely. I recommend her with the highest confidence.
- Linda Voorsanger , Los Angeles, CA
My (law) office specializes in the area of Probate and Trust administration and frequently handles the sale of real property for decedent's estates or trusts. We have on several occasions chosen Marta as the listing agent. We have tried other agents over the years but have not experienced the degree of professionalism, diligence and responsibility demonstrated by Marta. I take great comfort in knowing that once a listing is given to her, all efforts are being made to adequately expose the property to the market... Marta's warmth and professionalism have also impressed our clients.
- Joseph P. Ferry, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, CA
To say that Marta did a good job in selling our house would be a gross understatement. Her drive, professionalism, personality and creative ability were instrumental in creating an environment that maximized the proceeds for our home...$75,000 more than the asking price! We would strongly recommend Marta.
- Jerry Turner, Los Angeles, CA
I want to thank you for the fine work you did on our behalf. Through your efforts, everything went smoothly. We know that, if the process seemed easy to us, it was only because of your planning, attention to detail, and your professional knowledge. When we decided to sell the house, you worked with your colleagues at Coldwell Banker to determine a suitable price. History proved you amazingly accurate. Your strategy for publicizing the property and bringing in prospects was very successful, resulting in several offers within a very short time. You continued to show your expertise throughout our negotiations until we closed a deal. Since we do not live close by, you were on the front line for almost everything that occurred regarding the sale. Being able to rely on your good judgment was a great comfort. During the escrow, you were a tremendous help in accomplishing various tasks and services. Throughout the process, you kept us informed about every detail so that there were no surprises. Talking to someone almost every day about plumbers and roofers might become tedious, but we always received you calls with pleasure. This must be because you are so nice!
- Robert and Meryl Lindenberg, Los Angeles, CA
I am from out of state and needed to sell my parent's house in Sunset Mesa. I could not have chosen a better realtor than Marta to assist with my different needs. I needed help in not only selling the house but also in preparing it for sale. Marta did an outstanding job of getting me the help I needed to dispose of the property in the house and then preparing the inside and outside for inspection by potential buyers. She arranged for plumbing help, painting, new floor covering and cleaning at reasonable prices and insured the work was done quickly and well. I found Marta's information on the local market to be well presented and helped us to agree on a price that would provide a good return in the shortest time. As a result, the house sold very quickly. I highly recommend Marta as a realtor for property owners in the Sunset Mesa area.
- Myrt Webb, Los Angeles, CA
Your professional and calm manner confirmed for me that we chose the right real estate agent. You went far, very far, beyond the call of duty. Certainly the fact that we were several thousand miles away while the entire transaction occurred made me feel somewhat separated and unable to do many of the things which would have been expected were I there. You picked up and did everything. How in tune you were with all our needs.
- Milton S. Davis, M.D., Ph.D, Los Angeles, CA
I experienced Marta to be diligent, efficient, conscientious, reliable, patient and, overall, honest throughout the showing, advertising and negotiations processes. Having the utmost regard and respect for Marta Samulon as a professional, I recommend her with unreserved enthusiasm.
- Anita M. Jaskol, Ph.D, Los Angeles, CA
We only showed the property to two buyers that Marta surfaced and within two days a sale was made. This was not a give away. We were able to receive top dollar for the property. Marta did an excellent job in dealing with all the details. From beginning to end Marta was there to make sure everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend Marta as a top agent to represent anyone in the purchase or selling of real estate.
- Tom Hill, Hills & Associates, Los Angeles, CA
Marta took me around on very short notice to look at condos when I was here for three weeks in July. Within two weeks I found the perfect place just one block from the Getty Museum. She helped me get financing through Jon Douglas Financing, went over all the legal papers, the inspections, as well as advising me on where to go for carpets, how to find painters, etc. I could not have asked for more attentive, friendly, and caring concern and assistance in finding a new home. I shall always be grateful to Marta for making my transfer to California so painless; with her help I found the perfect condo, negotiated the purchase, received approval on a mortgage loan, and settled into my home, all within two months. And, best of all, I have made a new friend in the process.
- Irene Martin; Exhibitions Manager, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Listing my Los Angeles house (in the Westchester area) with Marta Samulon turned out to be a tremendous success: great price, fast escrow, all necessary paperwork completed correctly and on time. From the first day of the listing to the close of escrow took only 23 days! Marta’s efforts expedited the whole process in a competent, professional, energetic, and efficient manner. She combined extensive experience with being an honest and trustworthy person, and with her wide range of contacts was able to bring other experts to the team effort as needed. I was pleasantly surprised with how well everything went. Robert R., Westchester, Los Angeles, CA
- Robert R., Westchester, Los Angeles, CA