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Laura Twors
Pasadena - Playhouse District Office


In October of 2001 I made the biggest decision of my life an embarked on the largest journey I would every make when I bought a one-way ticket from New York to Los Angeles. 

When you make that kind of move, it requires a lot of preparation, coordination and courage.  No matter where you move to or ... read more »

In October of 2001 I made the biggest decision of my life an embarked on the largest journey I would every make when I bought a one-way ticket from New York to Los Angeles. 

When you make that kind of move, it requires a lot of preparation, coordination and courage.  No matter where you move to or from, I believe it is best to map out your journey even if it may not be the exact route.  Mentally, it will help you prepare for that bump in the road and it will make your detour much easier to handle. Trust me, you’ll be glad you were ready with plan B.

Moving is much more than scheduling trucks and utility companies.  It’s your life at that moment in time.  Choose to make it as stress free as possible.  Take the time to find someone who truly understands your journey and can help make it better.  When you know you have a confident and competent advisor working to make sure it all goes as smooth as possible, you will feel at ease and have less stress.    

My past experience as a Hollywood costumer has taught me how to work with many different types of personalities, juggle many balls and work with deadlines.  From that experience, I developed an understanding for the importance of listening carefully, not only to what you say, but how you feel.  These skills allow me to provide you with outstanding personal service. 

My specialty is your moving experience, and whether you move near or far, I am here to help you find a place to call home.  read less «

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Last listed at $1,700


Laura was wonderful to work with in buying my home. She was always right there to answer questions and show me homes I might be interested. She was terrific in helping me navigate a sometimes confusing process and had all the answers I needed.
- Ann B.
Laura has worked with us with both buying and selling. She is highly skilled at negotiation and an expert in the entire process. She made the purchase and eventual sale of our home so easy! We bought under market and sold way over the asking price. I wouldn't even think about working with another realtor in Los Angeles.
- Suzette Maffi
Laura helped my wife and I find the most perfect house. As picky as we were, Laura was there every minute bringing us properties to consider and facilitating viewings of those properties. And being first time home buyers, Laura's knowledge and understanding of the process and paperwork was a relief to us. It made us so comfortable with the entire process. Laura is a true professional with a friendly vibe. She's someone that we found was easy to talk to and understand our wants and needs in the home buying process but at the same time could be firm and direct when we needed her to be. We love the house she found for us, but If we ever sell, Laura is our gal!
- West Hills, Canoga Park
Laura helped my wife and I buy our first home. We know that we are fairly demanding but Laura was patient with us through the process and responsive to our barrage of questions. Our search took approximately three months and we made a couple of offers during that time: the first was not successful, but the second one was. The escrow process was not straightforward, however, as the seller's agent was inexperienced and Laura had to do double duty in educating the agent too. Laura was all-around professional and we enjoyed working with her - the only area that we think could have been stronger was with final price negotiations. Laura also recommended a very good local broker for us, which was very helpful.
- Mark D.
Laura was EXTREMELY organized and kept us in the loop throughout the process of purchasing a condo. She was very knowledgable of the area, understood my needs and ensured that all parties were up to date with paperwork, etc. She even assisted with vendors for fixes that needed to take place at the unit before move-in. I HIGHLY recommend Laura and will definitely be working with her again on future home purchases.
- Sherman Oaks, LA
When my husband and I came to Los Angeles, I was so intimidated by the city. It was huge and we had to be on the west side for his job. In addition to the size, the cost was way, way higher than I anticipated it would be. I was discouraged right off out of the gate. We met Laura when we came to see a house she was showing. She was professional, knowledgeable and patient, as my attention was divided between the house and my 1 year old son during the visit. We asked her to be our agent the next day. Laura worked tirelessly, sending us properties, spending weekends and evenings taking us out and helping us not only find the perfect home, but identify the qualities in a home that would be best for our family. We didn't make it easy, presenting many challenges for her - our budget changed from the initial starting point, my husband and I had a totally different idea about what we wanted and (on top of all that) our availability window to see property was ridiculously narrow because of the time constraints created by my husband's job. Even with all of these challenges, Laura found us the perfect place - in under three months time. She is utterly amazing. It isn't a matter of choosing Laura as your agent because she is nice and easy to work with and will make your house hunting a far less frustrating experience; it's a matter of needing Laura (or an agent like her) to combat the unique challenges presented by the LA market. However, good luck finding an agent like her.
- Carrie