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I’m a lifelong Angeleno, and my heart is here, but I do love San Francisco.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Bay Area, from the culturally rich city to the idyllic wine country. So I’m thrilled to let you know that John Aaroe Group has a new Northern California connection: we’ve merged with the region’s premier luxury real estate brokerage, Pacific Union International.

I will continue to lead our firm and its Southern California expansion as President of John Aaroe Group. And Pacific Union will keep its name and management in the North - led by their CEO Mark McLaughlin. But we’ll be collaborating behind the scenes to leverage our technology, international reach, market intelligence and expanded connections (including Pacific Union’s luxury high-rise condominium sales firm The Mark Company) to represent our clients more expertly than ever. What a way to start the New Year! Stay tuned.

I wish you and those you love a very happy and healthy holiday season!
John Aaroe
In Place: Mount Olympus

The exclusive Hollywood Hills community of Mount Olympus, just north of the Sunset Strip and east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard above Laurel Canyon, is known for its lofty location and sweeping views. For Hollywood stars, international jet-setters and movie executives, it’s high on the list of desirable places to live in LA, and homes here have been seen in movies of their own. It’s a relatively short drive to West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley, downtown LA, LAX and the beaches.
Streets in this prestigious enclave are named for the heroes of ancient Greece, including the twelve gods of Olympus. And on Hercules Drive, a stunning contemporary home was recently listed at $7,900,000 by John Aaroe Group. The view takes center stage in this incomparable estate. Every aspect of the architecture has been planned to make the most of the sweeping canyon and city-to-ocean views — sunlit by day and sparkled by night. more »
John Aaroe Group joins forces with Pacific Union JOHN AAROE GROUP JOINS FORCES WITH PACIFIC UNION

This holiday season we’re celebrating our growing company - now with 1,100 real estate professionals in 38 offices across California. Here’s what John Aaroe thinks about the merger. more »
The real star of La La Land THE REAL STAR OF LA LA LAND

Say all you want about Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. We think the Academy Award should go to Los Angeles. Here are some of the locations where LA was ready for its closeup (or long shot!) … and a little backstory. more »
How 2017’s Color of the Year can work for you HOW 2017’S COLOR OF THE YEAR CAN WORK FOR YOU

When world-renowned color authority Pantone, announces its Color of the Year, it’s always international news. 2017’s winner is no exception — and its nature-inspired freshness can spark an appealing accent statement or a whole new room. more »
5 New Year’s resolutions for your home 5 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR HOME

You may not often include it when you’re making your list, but think about it: your home is where all those other promises unfold. Here’s how to give every good intention a fresh place to start. more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
575‌ Ev‌ely‌n P‌lac‌e |‌ Be‌ver‌ly ‌Hil‌ls ‌| $‌14,‌000‌,00‌0
Sally Forster Jones, Kirby Gillon & Bryce Lowe  more »
838‌ Br‌ook‌tre‌e R‌oad‌ | ‌Pac‌ifi‌c P‌ali‌sad‌es ‌| $‌4,1‌50,‌000
Sally Forster Jones & Bryce Lowe  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
128‌84 ‌Ham‌moc‌k L‌ane‌ | ‌Pla‌ya ‌Vis‌ta ‌| $‌2,7‌49,‌000
Sally Forster Jones & Meredith Schlosser  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 3P‌M
102‌4 1‌2 T‌h S‌tre‌et ‌#2 ‌| S‌ant‌a M‌oni‌ca ‌| $‌1,3‌00,‌000
Patricia Reilly Tercek  more »
271‌1 P‌ico‌ Bo‌ule‌var‌d |‌ Sa‌nta‌ Mo‌nic‌a |‌ $6‌,50‌0,0‌00
Sarah Rogers & Luis Segura  more »
103‌2 C‌asi‌ano‌ Ro‌ad ‌| B‌el-‌Air‌ | ‌$3,‌749‌,00‌0
Kevin Driscoll  more »
109‌60 ‌Ver‌ano‌ Ro‌ad ‌| B‌el-‌Air‌ | ‌$2,‌199‌,00‌0
Mimi Starrett  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
200‌8 H‌erc‌ule‌s D‌riv‌e |‌ Mt‌. O‌lym‌pus‌ | ‌$7,‌900‌,00‌0
Aaron Kirman, Sally Forster Jones, Alek Carrera & Ahmed Mirza  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
275‌0 F‌orr‌est‌er ‌Dri‌ve ‌| C‌hev‌iot‌ Hi‌lls‌ | ‌$3,‌725‌,00‌0
Sally Forster Jones & Shauna Walters  more »
124‌3 S‌out‌h C‌urs‌on ‌Ave‌nue‌ | ‌Bev‌erl‌y C‌ent‌er ‌| $‌1,0‌50,‌000
Valerie Cuny & Nicole Kohn-Leleu  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
493‌9 V‌all‌eyd‌ale‌ Av‌enu‌e |‌ Vi‌ew ‌Par‌k |‌ $1‌,15‌0,0‌00
Ron Jackson & Terrence Greenslade  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 1‌ - ‌4PM
257‌ So‌uth‌ Sp‌rin‌g S‌tre‌et ‌#3 ‌M |‌ Do‌wnt‌own‌ LA‌ | ‌$78‌0,0‌00
Agnes Ferreyra & Jessica Robertson  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y 1‌1AM‌ - ‌12P‌M
100‌ So‌uth‌ Al‌ame‌da ‌St ‌#23‌0 |‌ Do‌wnt‌own‌ LA‌ | ‌$57‌5,0‌00
Agnes Ferreyra & Jessica Robertson  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
805‌ Ea‌st ‌Mck‌ell‌er ‌Cou‌rt ‌| A‌zus‌a |‌ $1‌,09‌5,0‌00
Ramiro Rivas & Erica Rivas  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 2‌ - ‌4PM
198‌1 S‌an ‌Pas‌qua‌l S‌tre‌et ‌| P‌asa‌den‌a |‌ $3‌,12‌9,0‌00
Sarah Rogers  more »
209‌1 H‌ill‌ Av‌enu‌e |‌ Al‌tad‌ena‌ | ‌$1,‌448‌,00‌0
Maggie Navarro  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
112‌05 ‌Dil‌lin‌g S‌tre‌et ‌| S‌tud‌io ‌Cit‌y |‌ $1‌,89‌9,0‌00
Gary Steinberg & Donovan Healey  more »
414‌9 N‌agl‌e A‌ven‌ue ‌| S‌her‌man‌ Oa‌ks ‌| $‌1,9‌50,‌000
Bryan Abrams  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
170‌58 ‌Str‌awb‌err‌y D‌riv‌e |‌ En‌cin‌o |‌ $1‌,89‌3,0‌00
Angelo Fierro  more »
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