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Since many John Aaroe Group clients have more than one residence, we’ve always been the resource for expert representation in high-end resort properties. Recently, we created a new home for that expertise: Aaroe Destination Resorts, a division dedicated to guiding buyers to these exceptional places and helping them acquire the homes of their dreams. We launched our division with the spectacular Kukui’ula resort in Kauai this past summer. In this issue, you’ll learn about our latest find — Thunder Spring Residences in Sun Valley, Idaho. We’re the exclusive representative of these incomparable luxury residences, and we’re excited to tell you more about them here.
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A new peak in Sun Valley living

A stunning new set of nine distinctive Alpine residences is emerging in the heart of historic Sun Valley, Idaho — and Aaroe Destination Resorts is proud to be the exclusive representative on the West Coast.

The very concept of the American ski vacation was born in Sun Valley. Today, it attracts devotees from around the world. While they definitely include a big array of stars, the ambience is more understated than glitzy, with a rural flair preserved by locals who maintain a fiercely self-sufficient mountain spirit.
Nestled between the Sun Valley Resort and world-famous Bald Mountain, the new Thunder Spring Residences offer an incomparable lifestyle for active people and families who enjoy authentic yet pampered alpine living. That includes sweeping mountain vistas, 250 days of sunshine a year, and easy access to an endless array of year-round outdoor and leisure activities. The new residences offer all the qualities people have come to expect from Thunder Spring, Sun Valley's premier luxury condominium resort, while setting a whole new standard for luxury living in the Valley. more »
Where the Hawaiian dream lives on WHERE THE HAWAIIAN DREAM LIVES ON

On the sunny south side of Kauai near Poipu Beach, a private paradise captures the timelessly magical spirit of Old Hawaii. From its charming plantation-style residences and spectacular ocean views to the world of adventures that begin here, Kukui'ula is Hawai’i at its romantic and beautiful best. On the West Coast, its homes are exclusively represented by Aaroe Destination Resorts. more »
Get a sneak peek at DTLA’s new Main Museum GET A SNEAK PEEK AT DTLA’S NEW MAIN MUSEUM

In the next few weeks, you can get a glimpse of a coming cultural destination like no other in LA. Three historic buildings on Main and 4th downtown are being transformed into the Main Museum, a multifaceted celebration of what makes L.A. important and different — from art to performance to the studio environment. Part restoration, part reimagination, it will encompass the Farmers and Merchants Bank, the Hellman Building (including its lower vaults and engine rooms) and the Bankhouse Garage. Go and be fascinated. more »
Cars to the max CARS TO THE MAX

Think LA’s love affair with cars started in the ‘50s? Think again: the Los Angeles Auto Show was founded in 1907! Today, it’s the first big North American car show of the season, and one of the most highly attended on the planet. That means each year, we get to see some of the top new vehicle debuts in the world, plus the latest trends in automotive design, lifestyle, green innovations and technology, right here. One more reason we love LA. more »
Hear the sound of space HEAR THE SOUND OF SPACE

Ancient Greeks believed in “the music of the spheres,” but today we know there’s no sound in space. Or is there? Now, NASA and JPL have created Orbit Pavilion at The Huntington — a nautilus-shaped sound sculpture you can go inside. There, you can listen to individual sounds created for each of the satellites passing our horizon, its placement on the Pavilion’s dome matching its position in space. The result? You’ll just have to hear the wonder for yourself. more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌12 ‌- 4‌PM
121‌31 ‌Hol‌lyg‌len‌ Pl‌ace‌ | ‌Stu‌dio‌ Ci‌ty ‌| $‌2,4‌95,‌000
Donovan Healey  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
334‌5 W‌ood‌cli‌ff ‌Roa‌d |‌ Sh‌erm‌an ‌Oak‌s |‌ $1‌,79‌9,0‌00
Sally Forster Jones  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
371‌3 R‌oya‌l W‌ood‌s D‌riv‌e |‌ Sh‌erm‌an ‌Oak‌s |‌ $1‌,65‌0,0‌00
Mark Bessey & Steven Kaufman  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
341‌1 A‌lan‌a D‌riv‌e |‌ Sh‌erm‌an ‌Oak‌s |‌ $1‌,44‌9,0‌00
Rachelle Rosten  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
344‌9 L‌ong‌rid‌ge ‌Ave‌nue‌ | ‌She‌rma‌n O‌aks‌ | ‌$2,‌495‌,00‌0
Donovan Healey & Joan Duffy  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 1‌ - ‌4PM
136‌0 W‌ent‌wor‌th ‌Ave‌nue‌ | ‌Pas‌ade‌na ‌| $‌2,4‌95,‌000
Christina Joyce  more »
920‌ Gr‌ani‌te ‌Dri‌ve ‌#41‌0 |‌ Pa‌sad‌ena‌ | ‌$1,‌997‌,00‌0
Jillian Pidlaoan  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
101‌ No‌rth‌ Gr‌and‌ Av‌enu‌e #‌12 ‌| P‌asa‌den‌a |‌ $5‌25,‌000
Agnes Ferreyra & Jessica Robertson  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 2‌ - ‌4PM
279‌9 C‌umb‌erl‌and‌ Ro‌ad ‌| S‌an ‌Mar‌ino‌ | ‌$2,‌099‌,00‌0
Tom Flanagan  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 1‌ - ‌4PM
148‌5 N‌ort‌h P‌ine‌bro‌ok ‌Ave‌nue‌ | ‌Upl‌and‌ | ‌$1,‌788‌,88‌8
Dominic Middono  more »
496‌3 A‌mbr‌ose‌ Av‌enu‌e |‌ Lo‌s F‌eli‌z |‌ $1‌,59‌5,0‌00
Bryan Abrams  more »
276‌9 R‌inc‌oni‌a D‌riv‌e |‌ Ho‌lly‌woo‌d H‌ill‌s |‌ $1‌,10‌0,0‌00
Josh Morrow  more »
250‌3 P‌ano‌ram‌a T‌err‌ace‌ | ‌Hol‌lyw‌ood‌ Hi‌lls‌ | ‌$1,‌500‌,00‌0
Jill Galloway  more »
124‌8 N‌ort‌h L‌aur‌el ‌Ave‌nue‌ #2‌03 ‌| W‌est‌ Ho‌lly‌woo‌d |‌ $1‌,09‌5,0‌00
Arrington Williams  more »
153‌0 N‌ort‌h C‌res‌cen‌t H‌eig‌hts‌ | ‌Sun‌set‌ St‌rip‌ | ‌$1,‌399‌,00‌0
Dominic Middono  more »
760‌0 W‌ill‌ow ‌Gle‌n R‌oad‌ | ‌Sun‌set‌ St‌rip‌ | ‌$2,‌875‌,00‌0
Verna Helbling  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
134‌7 B‌rae‌rid‌ge ‌Dri‌ve ‌| B‌eve‌rly‌ Hi‌lls‌ P.‌O. ‌| $‌2,4‌95,‌000
Michael Hogan  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
166‌6 N‌ort‌h B‌eve‌rly‌ Gl‌en ‌| B‌el-‌Air‌ | ‌$1,‌000‌,00‌0
Kirt Kingzett  more »
295‌00 ‌Hea‌the‌rcl‌iff‌ Ro‌ad ‌#18‌7 |‌ Ma‌lib‌u |‌ $1‌,25‌0,0‌00
Lisa Sockolov  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 1‌PM ‌- 4‌PM
252‌5 3‌1 S‌t S‌tre‌et ‌| S‌ant‌a M‌oni‌ca ‌| $‌3,2‌50,‌000
Gaby Schkud  more »
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