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You might think that after years of representing the most lavish estates in Los Angeles, it would start to feel like an everyday experience. I can assure you it never does. LA’s grand properties continue to awe and delight us. Imagine how thrilled we were when, shortly after selling 1181 North Hillcrest for the highest sale price in the history of Beverly Hills, we were asked to represent the legendary house next door. It’s the former home of Danny Thomas, whose talent was exceeded only by his generosity. He founded the award-winning St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and hosted many glittering fundraisers for it at this stunning estate. His daughter, Marlo Thomas, married television talk show host Phil Donahue here in May 1980. See why it’s in a class by itself.
John Aaroe
Incomparable: The palatial Danny Thomas estate

If you had to name the single best home site in LA, this one would top the list. Set on 2.5 acres on a secluded promontory in Beverly Hills’ coveted Trousdale Estates enclave, it commands 360-degree views of the entire LA basin from Downtown to the canyons. The compound and its approx. 18,000 square foot home were created for one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars: comedian, actor, TV producer and philanthropist Danny Thomas. His former home, at 1187 North Hillcrest Road, is listed at $135,000,000 by Aaron Kirman, President of Aaroe Estates, the international luxury property division of John Aaroe Group.
The Danny Thomas Estate is influenced by Moorish architecture, with distinctively shaped arches showcasing the views. The sumptuous interior, which includes a ballroom and a media room, is highlighted by $2.5 million in Baccarat chandeliers, gold leaf ceilings, hand-woven carpets, and opulent European details. A large outdoor entertainment area with vast dining and viewing pavilions leads to a pool that overlooks the entire LA panorama. The huge motor court accommodates twenty cars, a rare find in land-tight Trousdale. more »

TimeOut LA covers a whole lot of Los Angeles. So when they compiled a list of its 30 most beautiful buildings, we clicked right over. OK, these things are subjective, and TimeOut probably left out a few of your faves. But from the 1874 Port Fermin Lighthouse to the 2008 Inner City Arts campus, their choices create a stunning reflection of the essence of LA. more »

We all know what Downtown LA is. It’s that big, building-y place where all the freeways smoosh together. Isn’t it? Turns out the haziness over what really constitutes Downtown — and for a while there, Uptown — has been confusing folks since the 1800s. KCET asked Nathan Masters of the USC Libraries to shed some light on the subject. Honestly, he did the best anyone can. more »

If you’ve spent any time in the City of Roses, you know it’s a wonderland of historic neon signs. You do have to raise your eyes to spot them, though, and that can be difficult (or even dangerous) if you don’t know where to look. Now the City has helped you out with a handy tour guide to 28 of its most iconic signs. Some are still working, some are dark; but all are works of urban art. more »

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Carla Buigues & Elizabeth Gonzalez  more »
445​ Pr​osp​ect​ Sq​uar​e |​ Pa​sad​ena​ | ​$3,​649​,00​0
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125​5 M​ora​da ​Pla​ce ​| A​lta​den​a |​ $1​,50​0,0​00
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