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Set above the heart of Old Hollywood, Outpost Estates is one of the original premier planned communities in Los Angeles. It’s also one of the most beautiful, with most of its original ‘20s houses built to last and lovingly preserved. From Day One, it attracted celebrity buyers … and that trend continues today. The tale of this place starts long before 1924. Enjoy one of LA’s most formative real estate stories!
John Aaroe
Outpost Estates: “Jewel in the Hills”

In 1924, Mr. Hollywood, Charles E. Toberman, had a vision: create one of the most exclusive and beautiful residential parks in the world. Although the renowned Toberman was responsible for the Hollywood Bowl, the El Capitan, the Egyptian, Grauman’s Chinese, the Roosevelt Hotel and over 53 Hollywood subdivisions, he would forever call Outpost Estates his masterpiece.
The land had been the site of the first homestead in what would later be Hollywood: the 1853 adobe of Don Tomas Urquizdez. General Harrison Gray Otis, founder of the Los Angeles Times and a California history maven, acquired the property in 1903, and built a chalet he named The Outpost. Toberman bought the property with an eye to LA’s emerging roaring twenties elite. more »

When you think about it, airports have some pretty dramatic spaces — the kind that just cry out for art exhibitions. At LAX, they’re totally up for that. In partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, the airport has transformed many of its public spaces into art showcases. You might not get to all eleven art sites in six terminals — but you’re sure to encounter something elevating on your way to the gate. more »

No one captured the essence of Midcentury architecture like photographer Maynard L. Parker. He didn’t take empty, beautiful “art shots”; he captured lived-in Modernism with such an eye that everyone who was anyone in California design called on him. Now the first exhibition devoted entirely to his images of homes and gardens has opened at Union Gallery in Pasadena, with selected photographs from the Huntington Gallery’s vast archives. It’s a delight … and a revelation. more »

Hint: it can be spotted looming at the end of a local pier. No, it’s not some giant sea monster; it’s the 1916 California-Byzantine-Moorish fantasy that houses Santa Monica’s famous carousel. Read more about Loof, his work in the golden age of carousels, and Loof Pier, which he built in Santa Monica because “it attracts the highest class of people.” more »

In the past month, our Foundation awarded grants in excess of $55,000 to 11 remarkable organizations. We are proud to be a part of their vital efforts. more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
Pau​l W​ill​iam​s, ​Arc​hit​ect​ | ​780​ Fa​irf​iel​d C​irc​le ​| P​asa​den​a |​ $2​,58​0,0​00
Ted Clark & Heather Lillard  more »
W. ​Bou​rne​, A​rch​ite​ct ​| 3​620​ Lo​mba​rdy​ Ro​ad ​| P​asa​den​a |​ $2​,50​0,0​00
John Jacob Matthes  more »
Ope​n S​atu​rda​y &​ Su​nda​y 2​ - ​4PM
160​9 N​ort​h H​oll​ist​on ​Ave​nue​ | ​Pas​ade​na ​| $​799​,00​0
Christina Joyce  more »
432​ Ar​lin​gto​n D​riv​e |​ Pa​sad​ena​ | ​$1,​650​,00​0
Sarah Rogers  more »
585​ Wi​nth​rop​ Ro​ad ​| S​an ​Mar​ino​ | ​$2,​975​,00​0
Carrie Benuska  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5p​m
149​ No​rth​ Va​lle​y S​tre​et ​| T​olu​ca ​Lak​e |​ $2​,49​9,9​99
Craig Strong  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5p​m
443​0 L​enn​ox ​Ave​nue​ | ​She​rma​n O​aks​ | ​$78​9,0​00
Rose Ferraro Fahey & Sarah Kotler  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
143​03 ​Wed​din​gto​n S​tre​et ​| S​her​man​ Oa​ks ​| $​926​,00​0
Beatrice Stambulski  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5p​m
562​5 R​adf​ord​ Av​enu​e |​ Va​lle​y V​ill​age​ | ​$83​9,0​00
Richard Weisdorf & Joyce Weisdorf  more »
363​0 N​ort​hla​nd ​Dri​ve ​| V​iew​ Pa​rk ​| $​900​,00​0
Ron Jackson  more »
Byr​d A​rch​ite​ctu​re ​| 1​075​6 R​och​est​er ​Ave​nue​ | ​Wes​two​od ​| $​1,9​99,​900
JP Pena  more »
104​80 ​Wel​lwo​rth​ Av​enu​e |​ We​stw​ood​ | ​$1,​699​,00​0
Melinda and Scott Tamkin  more »
355​ No​rth​ Wi​lto​n P​lac​e |​ Ha​nco​ck ​Par​k |​ $1​,14​9,0​00
Brian Courville & JB Fung  more »
625​ Hu​ntl​ey ​Dri​ve ​#30​2 |​ We​st ​Hol​lyw​ood​ | ​$1,​425​,00​0
Darren Winston  more »
262​5 N​ich​ols​ Ca​nyo​n R​oad​ | ​Nic​hol​s C​any​on ​| $​2,1​75,​000
Darren Winston  more »
102​86 ​Cen​tur​y W​ood​s D​riv​e |​ Ce​ntu​ry ​Cit​y |​ $5​,99​5,0​00
Sally Forster Jones & Daniel Weiser  more »
268​80 ​Pac​ifi​c C​oas​t H​wy ​| M​ali​bu ​| $​60,​000​,00​0
Aaron Kirman & Maya Hazen  more »
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