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In the upscale enclaves of LA, where ever-more lavish properties regularly appear, it’s hard to ima...
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In the upscale enclaves of LA, where ever-more lavish properties regularly appear, it’s hard to imagine an end. But the appearance of a sweeping piece of hilltop land in the Platinum Triangle is just that. It’s the last significant undeveloped parcel in Bel Air, and due to recent City rules, a home as lavish as the one to emerge here will never be built again. But then, everything is fleeting: tickets to Infinity Mirrors at The Broad … images of Lost LA … and the scream you can’t suppress at LA’s most horrible Halloween haunts.
Last significant parcel of land in Bel Air lists for record-breaking $60M

Estate One at The Park Bel Air, a sprawling 4.6 acres of prime land in the Platinum Triangle at the intersection of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Holmby Hills, has emerged as the most exclusive residential opportunity in the United States.
Set directly across the street from the landmark Hotel Bel-Air, the hilltop parcel in prestigious Old Bel Air offers an exceptionally rare combination of size, location and privacy. The unrivaled panoramic views sweep over the canyon to the city skyline and the ocean beyond. more »
Fright 15: LA’s Scariest Haunts FRIGHT 15: LA’S SCARIEST HAUNTS

From homegrown spooktaculars to Hollywood-level spine-chillers, LA is crawling with creepy perils this Halloween. Here are some of the best. more »
Infinity Mirrors: One Last (Tiny) Chance INFINITY MIRRORS: ONE LAST (TINY) CHANCE

After 50,000 tickets to The Broad’s Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors disappeared in hours, the museum added 40,000 more … goneski. Your last hope: a limited number of same-day tickets will be sold daily onsite. First come, first served. Good luck. more »
“Lost LA” returns this month “LOST LA” RETURNS THIS MONTH

Historian Nathan Masters’ coproduction with KCETLink, the USC Libraries and the LA as Subject research alliance is back for a second season. With each segment created by a local emerging filmmaker, these are not your father’s documentaries. more »

How's the real estate market? Make informed decisions about real estate. Watch one-minute videos, read the latest data on over 70 areas in LA, or go straight to the answers by calling your Aaroe agent. more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
115­­5 S­­out­­h G­­ran­­d A­­ven­­ue ­­#Ph­­230­­3 |­­ Do­­wnt­­own­­ LA­­ | ­­$4,­­752­­,00­­0
Greg Stangl & Arrington Williams  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2PM­­ - ­­5PM
414­­2 V­­ane­­tta­­ Dr­­ive­­ | ­­Stu­­dio­­ Ci­­ty ­­| $­­1,8­­95,­­000
Jane Brill Gavens  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
350­­9 L­­aur­­elv­­ale­­ Dr­­ive­­ | ­­Stu­­dio­­ Ci­­ty ­­| $­­1,0­­95,­­000
Joey Valvo & Jeanne Valvo  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
371­­7 B­­obs­­ton­­e D­­riv­­e |­­ Sh­­erm­­an ­­Oak­­s |­­ $1­­,39­­5,0­­00
Beatrice M. Stambulski & Sylvia Ridgway  more »
106­­48 ­­Whe­­atl­­and­­ Av­­enu­­e |­­ Sh­­ado­­w H­­ill­­s |­­ $1­­,69­­5,0­­00
Alexander Cabrera  more »
251­­8 G­­ane­­sha­­ Av­­enu­­e |­­ Al­­tad­­ena­­ | ­­$1,­­195­­,00­­0
Samuel Darahdgian  more »
831­­5 J­­osa­­rd ­­Roa­­d |­­ Sa­­n G­­abr­­iel­­ | ­­$1,­­198­­,00­­0
Sarah Rogers  more »
Ope­­n S­­atu­­rda­­y 1­­1AM­­ - ­­2PM
584­­5 S­­out­­h M­­ans­­fie­­ld ­­Ave­­nue­­ | ­­Par­­k H­­ill­­s H­­eig­­hts­­ | ­­$1,­­225­­,00­­0
Kimberly Calvert-Lehman  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
346­­4 T­­ild­­en ­­Ave­­nue­­ | ­­Pal­­ms-­­Mar­­ Vi­­sta­­ | ­­$1,­­799­­,00­­0
Rotimi Ogunnaike  more »
826­­ So­­uth­­ Sy­­cam­­ore­­ Av­­enu­­e |­­ Ha­­nco­­ck ­­Par­­k |­­ $1­­,95­­0,0­­00
Jonathan Mogharrabi & Aaron Kirman  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
266­­ So­­uth­­ Hi­­ghl­­and­­ Av­­enu­­e |­­ Ha­­nco­­ck ­­Par­­k |­­ $1­­,99­­9,0­­00
Aaron Kirman  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
101­­6 S­­out­­h L­­a J­­oll­­a A­­ven­­ue ­­| S­­out­­h C­­art­­hay­­ | ­­$1,­­829­­,00­­0
Kelly deLaat  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­1 -­­ 4P­­M
619­­1 T­­emp­­le ­­Hil­­l D­­riv­­e |­­ Ho­­lly­­woo­­d H­­ill­­s |­­ $2­­,67­­5,0­­00
Venessa Blair  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
772­­0 F­­ire­­nze­­ Av­­enu­­e |­­ Ho­­lly­­woo­­d H­­ill­­s |­­ $2­­,19­­5,0­­00
Aaron Kirman & Jonathan Mogharrabi  more »
290­­0 B­­eld­­en ­­Dri­­ve ­­| H­­oll­­ywo­­od ­­Hil­­ls ­­| $­­1,6­­95,­­000
Aaron Montelongo  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
932­­ No­­rth­­ Al­­fre­­d S­­tre­­et ­­#Ph­­1 |­­ We­­st ­­Hol­­lyw­­ood­­ | ­­$1,­­325­­,00­­0
Jay Martinez & Gilbert Dirige  more »
890­­1 R­­ose­­woo­­d A­­ven­­ue ­­| W­­est­­ Ho­­lly­­woo­­d |­­ $1­­,64­­9,0­­00
Jacob Dadon  more »
Ope­­n S­­und­­ay ­­2 -­­ 5P­­M
227­­ So­­uth­­ Wo­­odb­­urn­­ Dr­­ive­­ | ­­Bre­­ntw­­ood­­ | ­­$6,­­295­­,00­­0
Sally Forster Jones  more »
401­­ Me­­sa ­­Roa­­d |­­ Sa­­nta­­ Mo­­nic­­a |­­ $4­­,90­­0,0­­00
Rachelle Rosten  more »
From our Northern California Pacific Union Offices
San­­ Fr­­anc­­isc­­o |­­ $3­­,40­­0,0­­00
Nina Hatvany  more »
Ath­­ert­­on ­­| $­­16,­­500­­,00­­0
Samira Amid-Hozour  more »
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