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Driving around Los Angeles, it’s easy to forget that we’re surrounded not only by historic buildings, but the rich and storied past they’ve contained. Today, the Goetz mansion is simply an exceptionally lavish estate on Billionaire’s Row. In the era when studios dominated the movie industry, a party at this Delfern Drive address was the most sought-after invitation in Hollywood. No other hostess could assemble the sheer starpower that congregated there. In this issue, you’ll see what I mean.
John Aaroe
Estate of legendary Hollywood hostess Edie Goetz:
if walls could talk

The grand Georgian Revival manor that hosted the most star-studded parties in Golden Age Hollywood has been listed at $79,000,000 by John Aaroe Group. The seller of the property at 300-320 Delfern Drive on Billionaire’s Row is Gary L. Wilson, former chairman of the board of Northwest Airlines, previously CFO of Walt Disney Company and Marriott Corporation.
Beginning in 1947, the residence was the longtime home of prominent film producer William Goetz and his wife, Edith Mayer (Edie) Goetz, daughter of mogul Louis B. Mayer. It was the center of Hollywood social life at the height of the studio era, when invitations to the couple’s glittering dinner parties were the most sought-after in the film industry. Amid the Goetz’s spectacular collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, guests were shown pre-release films in one of history’s first great private screening rooms. "The highest accolade for someone coming into this town was to be invited to the Goetzes,” remembered Oscar-winning director Billy Wilder. “They had the best food, the best people and the best things on the walls." more »
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