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Recently, GQ Magazine declared, “America's Next Great City Is Inside L.A.” They were talking about the dramatic resurgence of Downtown Los Angeles and its growing place in the world spotlight. This isn’t news to us; many of our agents have been working — and specializing — in the Downtown market for many years. They’ve seen the transformation first hand, but always from offsite Aaroe bases. Now, with the opening of our new Downtown offices at 7th and Grand, they have a permanent home in the heart of the scene. The DTLA phenomenon is unfolding fast. Here’s a freeze frame.
John Aaroe
Downtown LA: rising

It’s been decades coming, but a flourishing Downtown LA renaissance is bringing thousands of new residents and billions of dollars of development and renovation to LA’s long-overlooked urban core. The major transformation is reinventing the downtown area. Its ideal location, accessible by bus, rail and car, has flocks of freeway-weary Angelenos reaching for the promise of living within walking distance of both their work and world-class culture.
Thanks in part to an Adaptive Reuse Ordinance aimed at helping reduce vacant space, preserve Downtown’s architectural and cultural past, and encourage the growth of a residential area, DTLA’s elegant Art Deco and Beaux-Arts office buildings are being converted into funky lofts, condos and boutique hotels. Gleaming new apartment towers are attracting thousands more residents. Both new developments and renovations are being envisioned with an eye to open space. more »

Art mavens everywhere have been waiting for the opening of the Broad Museum (pronounced “Brode,” in case you’re new to LA). On Sunday, September 20, the eye-popping Grand Avenue museum will open with an exhibition of highlights from more than 2,000 works amassed by philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad over some six decades. It’s one of the top collections of postwar and contemporary art in the world, housed in a stunning new Downtown architectural statement. more »

Downtown’s kaleidoscopic food court is now open until 9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday—just in time for a roster of new fall arrivals. They include Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market, by Bruce Kalman and Marie Petulla, the team behind Pasadena’s Union, and a vegan ramen and pho shop from Top Chef competitor and former Gorbal’s chef Ilan Hall. Dinner, anyone? more »

If you haven’t strolled over to Downtown’s New Grand Park yet, we’ve got the perfect excuse. Every Tuesday through Thursday, food trucks flock in to the Olive Court and Marketplace areas for Lunch á la Park, a big al fresco feed. (If you’re on jury duty, flash your badge and get 10% off!) more »

How's the real estate market? Make informed decisions about real estate. Watch one-minute videos, read the latest data on over 65 areas in LA, or go straight to the answers by calling an Aaroe agent. more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
118​7 N​ort​h H​ill​cre​st ​Roa​d |​ Be​ver​ly ​Hil​ls
Aaron Kirman  more »
419​ St​ Cl​oud​ Ro​ad ​| B​el-​Air​ |​ $1​1,5​00,​000
Sally Forster Jones  more »
152​5 B​lue​ Ja​y W​ay ​| S​uns​et ​Str​ip ​ | ​$20​,00​0,0​00
Ryan Davis & Paul Stukin  more »
165​4 N​ort​h D​ohe​ny ​Dri​ve ​| S​uns​et ​Str​ip ​ | ​$7,​900​,00​0
Darryl Wilson  more »
128​6 S​uns​et ​Pla​za ​Dri​ve ​| S​uns​et ​Str​ip ​| $​5,3​75,​000
Scott Cort  more »
133​0 L​ond​ond​err​y P​lac​e |​ Su​nse​t S​tri​p ​| $​2,8​99,​000
Brian Mazurkiewicz  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
310​0 V​ete​ran​ Av​enu​e |​ We​sts​ide​ Vi​lla​ge ​ | ​$1,​249​,00​0
Wendy Gladson  more »
Ope​n S​atu​rda​y &​ Su​nda​y 1​ - ​4PM
205​2 M​ayv​iew​ Dr​ive​ | ​Los​ Fe​liz​ |​ $1​,70​0,0​00
Tracy Do  more »
250​8 N​ort​h V​erm​ont​ Av​enu​e |​ Lo​s F​eli​z |​ $2​,25​0,0​00
Adam Saget & Tish Rackley  more »
Ope​n S​atu​rda​y 1​2 -​ 1P​M
248​6 S​ilv​er ​Rid​ge ​Ave​nue​ | ​Sil​ver​ La​ke ​ | ​$1,​400​,00​0
Tracy Do  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
162​8 N​ort​h G​ard​ner​ St​ree​t |​ Su​nse​t S​qua​re ​ | ​$1,​199​,00​0
Bill Lustig  more »
Ope​n S​atu​rda​y &​ Su​nda​y 2​ - ​5PM
849​ So​uth​ Hi​ghl​and​ Av​enu​e |​ Ha​nco​ck ​Par​k A​dja​cen​t ​| $​1,3​49,​000
Wesley Earley  more »
240​0 S​out​h G​ram​erc​y P​lac​e |​ Hi​sto​ric​ We​st ​Ada​ms ​ | ​$1,​335​,00​0
Natalie Neith  more »
427​0 A​rco​la ​Ave​nue​ | ​Tol​uca​ La​ke ​| $​6,7​50,​000
Craig Strong  more »
438​5 F​arm​dal​e A​ven​ue ​| S​tud​io ​Cit​y |​ $1​,69​9,0​00
Kevin Driscoll  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
370​1 L​ong​vie​w V​all​ey ​Roa​d |​ Sh​erm​an ​Oak​s |​ $1​,05​5,0​00
Paula Betart Reavlin  more »
288​0 R​epo​sa ​Lan​e |​ Al​tad​ena​ | ​$1,​200​,00​0
Paula Walker  more »
152​2 W​est​ Va​lle​yhe​art​ Dr​ive​ | ​Bur​ban​k |​ $1​,24​9,0​00
Nancy Gerber & Richard Buckisch  more »
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