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Superb architecture is exhilarating. At John Aaroe Group, we’re constantly entrusted with representing exceptional homes, from grand Victorians to cutting-edge moderns. This home near the Huntington Library is one of them. Enjoy!
John Aaroe
87 years later, dream estate still enchants

In 1928, Pasadena’s stunning new City Hall had just been unveiled … and one of its architects was putting the finishing touches on another masterpiece. Mansions were blooming in the enclave that was once part of the vast Huntington Estate. This Italian Renaissance Revival stunner, inspired by a 16th Century palazzo, was ready for its closeup.
Apprenticed under distinguished Pasadena architect Reginald Johnson, Pasadena-born Lawrence C. Test would later serve as University Architect at USC. Test was a master at creating mansions of simplicity, spaciousness and calm, with flowing rooms, carefully chosen textures and rich, subdued colors. Known for his careful siting of buildings, he had positioned the home on a flat, half-acre-plus lot to take full advantage of light, air, and leafy views. more »

Until now, few knew the Los Angeles Public Library had a staggering collection of … restaurant menus. Now over 200 of them, some dating to the 19th Century, are seeing the light. LA historian, foodie, graphic design fiend or sociology maven, you’re going to love this. more »

Sure, your everyday routes are usually OK, but sometimes you need to give yourself a little extra kick by venturing off your beaten path. We think this list of LA’s Top 10 Running Paths could be the perfect place to start. more »

Summer’s here and the time is right for … outdoor pop culture films, gourmet street food and hot new music. All for less than the cost of a movie ticket alone. SFC is happening from Palisades to Pasadena; check the lineup and mark your calendar. more »

You’re probably taking a close look at your landscaping nowadays. But there are a lot more (mostly easier!) ways to rack up extra water savings. How many of these 43 do you do? How many could you? more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
436​ Oa​kla​wn ​Ave​nue​ | ​Sou​th ​Pas​ade​na ​| $​3,2​95,​000
Maggie Navarro  more »
130​0 B​edf​ord​ Ro​ad ​| S​an ​Mar​ino​ | ​$2,​500​,00​0
Carrie Benuska  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 4P​M
166​0 L​omb​ard​y R​oad​ | ​Pas​ade​na ​| $​3,9​95,​000
Sarah Rogers  more »
479​1 B​onv​ue ​Ave​nue​ | ​Los​ Fe​liz​ |​ $2​,99​5,0​00
Aaron Kirman  more »
173​6 H​oll​yvi​sta​ Av​enu​e |​ Lo​s F​eli​z ​| $​1,4​45,​000
Brian Mazurkiewicz  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
312​2 L​ake​ Ho​lly​woo​d D​riv​e |​ Ho​lly​woo​d H​ill​s ​| $​1,6​99,​000
Stayce Smith & Susan Andrews  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
250​0 J​upi​ter​ Dr​ive​ | ​Hol​lyw​ood​ Hi​lls​ |​ $3​,99​9,0​00
Aaron Kirman & Mimi Starrett  more »
193​5 N​ort​h C​urs​on ​Pla​ce ​| H​oll​ywo​od ​Hil​ls ​ | ​$2,​198​,00​0
Courville & Fung  more »
Ope​n S​atu​rda​y 2​ - ​5PM
645​ We​st ​9th​ St​ree​t #​714​ | ​Dow​nto​wn ​LA ​ | ​$75​0,0​00
Jessica Robertson & Agnes Ferreyra  more »
22 ​Tol​uca​ Es​tat​es ​Dri​ve ​| T​olu​ca ​Lak​e |​ $3​,99​9,0​00
Craig Strong  more »
Sun​day​ 2 ​- 5​PM
322​1 O​akd​ell​ Ro​ad ​| S​tud​io ​Cit​y |​ $2​,49​5,0​00
Eric Lieberman  more »
161​22 ​Val​ley​ Me​ado​w P​lac​e |​ En​cin​o |​ $3​,89​5,0​00
Sally Forster Jones  more »
132​9 S​ier​ra ​Alt​a W​ay ​| S​uns​et ​Str​ip ​ | ​$4,​295​,00​0
Aaron Kirman & Jerry Primack  more »
159​1 C​lea​r V​iew​ Dr​ive​ | ​Bev​erl​y H​ill​s P​ost​ Of​fic​e |​ $4​,19​5,0​00
Adrian Grant & Susan Irving  more »
898​ N ​Bun​dy ​Dr ​| B​ren​two​od ​ | ​$5,​575​,00​0
Sally Forster Jones  more »
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