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Most of us can only bring memories of our favorite foreign places back with us in photos, videos and our mind’s eye. But what if you had enough vision, determination and resources to recreate the magic right here at home? Our remarkable client Jeri Ryan did just that — devoting years to a passionate quest to capture the exquisite beauty of France in the San Fernando Valley. Here’s a look at the magnificent result.
John Aaroe
A page from Jeri Ryan’s love letter to France … in Encino

You know her as the silvery cyborg on Star Trek: Voyager … the leggy con from Leverage … the lethally blonde lawyer on Boston Legal. But her friends know Jeri Ryan better as a lifelong Francophile. In recent years she’s been wrapped up in a labor of love, meticulously transforming her Encino estate into a Loire Valley fantasy.
Now, her masterpiece is on the market, listed at $6,999,000 by Aaroe Estates Director Alan Taylor and President of Aaroe Estates, Aaron Kirman. The address may say 5255 Encino Avenue, but the spirit of this 1.44-acre residence lies spellbound in the French countryside. Jeri Ryan’s stunning recapturing was several years in the making, with $1 million devoted to the grounds alone. Imported elements include reclaimed terra cotta flooring, a 1755 stone fireplace, and a massive beamed ceiling. The pool house, based on a French design, is roofed in century-old reclaimed tile. Truly another place in time. more »
The LA mosaic, one bite at a time THE LA MOSAIC, ONE BITE AT A TIME

Burnt out from binge-watching House of Cards? May we suggest the perfect palate cleanser: City of Gold, the new documentary that follows LA Times Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold into the nooks and crannies of Greater LA’s cultural and culinary scene. more »
In the Top 10 again IN THE TOP 10 AGAIN

Los Angeles Business Journal just published its 2016 list of the top residential real estate firms in LA County —and in a Top 20 heavy with national corporate entities, our local LA independent firm ranked number 9. more »
You had us at inflatable screen YOU HAD US AT INFLATABLE SCREEN

It may not start until May, but tickets are already on sale for Eat|See|Hear, the annual music, food and film series unfolding at venues across L.A. all summer long. How often do you get to watch films on a 52-foot wide inflatable screen (said to be the largest west of the Mississippi) preceded by live music and plenty of decadent food truck fare? Here’s the full schedule. more »
Featured listings & Open Houses
277​24 ​Pac​ifi​c C​oas​t H​wy ​| M​ali​bu ​| $​30,​000​,00​0
Donovan Healey  more »
211​10 ​Pac​ifi​c C​oas​t H​igh​way​ | ​Mal​ibu​ | ​$5,​395​,00​0
Aaron Kirman  more »
102​4 S​umm​it ​Dri​ve ​| B​eve​rly​ Hi​lls​ | ​$34​,50​0,0​00
Aaron Kirman  more »
976​7 A​pri​cot​ La​ne ​| B​eve​rly​ Hi​lls​ | ​$1,​899​,00​0
Connie De Groot  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
108​43 ​Por​tof​ino​ Pl​ace​ | ​Bel​-Ai​r |​ $2​,29​5,0​00
Sally Forster Jones  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
118​12 ​Bel​lag​io ​Roa​d |​ Be​l-A​ir ​| $​1,7​95,​000
Darren Winston  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
311​0 H​oll​yri​dge​ Dr​ive​ | ​Hol​lyw​ood​ Hi​lls​ | ​$1,​879​,00​0
Dominic Middono & Jennifer Gaio  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
154​5 N​ort​h K​ing​s R​oad​ | ​Sun​set​ St​rip​ |​ $2​,49​5,0​00
Sally Forster Jones  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​12 ​- 2​PM
144​6 8​th ​Str​eet​ | ​Man​hat​tan​ Be​ach​ | ​$1,​865​,00​0
Bobby Syed  more »
619​ So​uth​ Sy​cam​ore​ Av​enu​e |​ Ha​nco​ck ​Par​k |​ $1​,29​9,0​00
Renee Avedon  more »
728​ No​rth​ Hu​dso​n A​ven​ue ​| H​anc​ock​ Pa​rk ​Adj​ace​nt ​| $​2,5​95,​000
Holland Ashrafnia  more »
105​20 ​Wil​shi​re ​#60​3 |​ Wi​lsh​ire​ Co​rri​dor​ | ​$1,​188​,00​0
Bryan Abrams  more »
361​4 M​oto​r A​ven​ue ​| P​alm​s/M​ar ​Vis​ta ​| $​6,8​95,​000
Sally Forster Jones & Meredith Schlosser  more »
373​4 R​ekl​aw ​Dri​ve ​| S​tud​io ​Cit​y |​ $2​,79​9,0​00
Kevin Driscoll & Bryan Abrams  more »
127​41 ​Kli​ng ​Str​eet​ | ​Stu​dio​ Ci​ty ​| $​1,2​95,​000
Bryan Abrams  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
451​1 L​enn​ox ​Ave​nue​ | ​She​rma​n O​aks​ | ​$1,​999​,95​0
Rose Ferraro Fahey & Sarah Kotler  more »
157​71 ​Roy​al ​Rid​ge ​Roa​d |​ Sh​erm​an ​Oak​s |​ $2​,19​5,0​00
Payman Emamian  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
484​2 T​ild​en ​Ave​nue​ | ​She​rma​n O​aks​ | ​$1,​375​,00​0
Kelly Tong  more »
Ope​n S​und​ay ​2 -​ 5P​M
163​51 ​Amo​ta ​Cou​rt ​| E​nci​no ​| $​3,1​95,​000
Angelo Fierro & Aaron Kirman  more »
65 ​Nor​th ​Arr​oyo​ Bo​ule​var​d |​ Pa​sad​ena​ | ​$1,​050​,00​0
Sarah Rogers  more »
Ope​n S​atu​rda​y &​ Su​nda​y 2​ - ​4PM
280​ No​rth​ Ma​dis​on ​| P​asa​den​a |​ $7​39,​000
Patrick Brandt & Nikki Rincon  more »
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