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When is a home more than a home? When it’s a Hollywood Hills Mid-Century masterpiece by Richard Neutra. And this exquisite Neutra, currently listed by our firm, doubled as an on-screen star. In this edition, we’ll track down some of the LA area houses like this one with roles in film and TV … and you’ll learn how you could get your home an audition.

Speaking of stars, our associates have just put us among the LA Business Journal’s Top 10 Real Estate Companies once again. I couldn’t be prouder of each one of them.

John Aaroe
When architectural beauties go Hollywood

Any home designed by the revered Richard Neutra naturally captures the architectural spotlight. But the 1953 Schaarman House is owned by advertising icon Jeffrey B. Gorman — a man who appreciates its star appeal as much as its dramatic beauty. With his help, it’s amassed a string of film and commercial credits that any human actor would envy. The home at 7850 Torreyson Drive in the Hollywood Hills has just been listed at $8,000,000.
Set back above Mulholland in a quiet, gated cul-de-sac on nearly an acre, the Schaarman Home reflects Neutra’s signature love of experimentation, connection to nature, and simple geometry. It’s highlighted by walls of glass, long sweeps of beamed hardwood ceiling and a massive rough stone fireplace. more »
John Aaroe Group in Top Ten (again) JOHN AAROE GROUP IN TOP TEN (AGAIN)

The Los Angeles Business Journal just published its 2017 list of the top residential real estate firms in LA County - and in a Top 20 heavy with national corporate companies, our California-based independent firm ranked in the top ten for both volume and transactions. Special thanks to our John Aaroe Group professionals and clients who put us on the list. We look forward to a great year ahead with our new Northern California Pacific Union connections! more »
That place looks strangely familiar THAT PLACE LOOKS STRANGELY FAMILIAR

No, you’re not having a Twilight Zone moment. Greater LA has served as one big movie set since movies were born — and your chances of spotting famous locations here are very high. (A lot higher since La La Land.) Nevertheless, it’s easy to zip right by the Golden Girls house or the Pretty Woman fire escape without even knowing it. That’s where guides like these come in. more »
Could your home find stardom? COULD YOUR HOME FIND STARDOM?

Filmmakers pay well for the privilege of putting the right property on camera. Your home doesn’t have to be a Neutra or a mansion to get cast; plenty of movie scenes call for, um, humbler settings. Not surprisingly, The California Film Commission runs a whole website dedicated to helping you market your place for the movies, complete with links to regional film offices and tips on how to get ready for your home’s closeup. Annnnd action! more »
La La Land - live at the Bowl! LA LA LAND - LIVE AT THE BOWL!

Once La La Land won Academy Awards for best original score and song, could a world concert tour be far behind? La La Land in Concert: A Live-to-Film Celebration, will debut in Los Angeles on Memorial Day weekend, May 26 and 27, with composer Justin Hurwitz conducting his score for a 100-piece symphony orchestra, choir and jazz ensemble accompanying the film’s original vocal recordings. more »

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Featured listings & Open Houses
173‌7 B‌el ‌Air‌ Ro‌ad ‌| B‌el-‌Air‌ | ‌$24‌,99‌5,0‌00
Aaron Kirman & Louis Evans  more »
739‌8 P‌yra‌mid‌ Pl‌ace‌ | ‌Sun‌set‌ St‌rip‌ | ‌$5,‌250‌,00‌0
Darrell Wallace  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌2 -‌ 5P‌M
892‌1 H‌arg‌is ‌Str‌eet‌ | ‌Bev‌erl‌ywo‌od ‌| $‌1,7‌50,‌000
Sally Forster Jones  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌2 -‌ 5P‌M
103‌42 ‌Mis‌sis‌sip‌pi ‌Ave‌nue‌ | ‌Wes‌two‌od ‌| $‌1,5‌99,‌000
Sally Forster Jones & Rebecca Davis  more »
105‌20 ‌Wil‌shi‌re ‌Blv‌d #‌603‌ | ‌Wes‌two‌od ‌| $‌1,0‌88,‌000
Bryan Abrams  more »
208‌ So‌uth‌ We‌the‌rly‌ Dr‌ive‌ | ‌Bev‌erl‌y H‌ill‌s |‌ $3‌,95‌0,0‌00
Aaron Kirman  more »
120‌0 S‌tev‌en ‌Way‌ | ‌Bev‌erl‌y H‌ill‌s |‌ $1‌4,9‌95,‌000
Sally Forster Jones  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌2 -‌ 5P‌M
252‌0 B‌ene‌dic‌t C‌any‌on ‌Dri‌ve ‌| B‌eve‌rly‌ Hi‌lls‌ | ‌$2,‌695‌,00‌0
Sally Forster Jones & Larisa Liasova  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌2 -‌ 5P‌M
226‌1 H‌erc‌ule‌s D‌riv‌e |‌ Su‌nse‌t S‌tri‌p |‌ $4‌,44‌0,0‌00
Aaron Kirman & Arvin Haddad  more »
414‌0 B‌akm‌an ‌Ave‌nue‌ | ‌Stu‌dio‌ Ci‌ty ‌| $‌1,2‌95,‌000
Joey Valvo & Jeanne Valvo  more »
125‌03 ‌Rye‌ St‌ree‌t |‌ St‌udi‌o C‌ity‌ | ‌$1,‌299‌,00‌0
Donovan Healey  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌2 -‌ 5P‌M
424‌0 B‌lue‌bel‌l A‌ven‌ue ‌| S‌tud‌io ‌Cit‌y |‌ $2‌,25‌0,0‌00
Eric Lieberman & Nancy Gerber  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 1‌ - ‌4PM
110‌0 W‌ils‌hir‌e B‌lvd‌ #2‌803‌ | ‌Dow‌nto‌wn ‌LA ‌| $‌610‌,00‌0
Agnes Ferreyra & Jessica Robertson  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 1‌ - ‌4PM
123‌4 W‌ils‌hir‌e B‌lvd‌ #2‌03 ‌| D‌own‌tow‌n L‌A |‌ $6‌50,‌000
Jessica Robertson & Agnes Ferreyra  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
144‌5 W‌ave‌rly‌ Ro‌ad ‌| S‌an ‌Mar‌ino‌ | ‌$4,‌098‌,00‌0
Carrie Benuska  more »
Ope‌n S‌atu‌rda‌y &‌ Su‌nda‌y 2‌ - ‌5PM
280‌ So‌uth‌ Or‌ang‌e G‌rov‌e B‌oul‌eva‌rd ‌| P‌asa‌den‌a |‌ $3‌,57‌5,0‌00
Jerry Current  more »
154‌5 K‌nol‌lwo‌od ‌Ter‌rac‌e |‌ Pa‌sad‌ena‌ | ‌$1,‌649‌,00‌0
Jan Emamian & Payman Emamian  more »
520‌ Ca‌lif‌orn‌ia ‌Ter‌rac‌e |‌ Pa‌sad‌ena‌ | ‌$1,‌175‌,00‌0
Sarah Rogers  more »
Ope‌n S‌und‌ay ‌1 -‌ 4P‌M
185‌ Gl‌en ‌Sum‌mer‌ Ro‌ad ‌| P‌asa‌den‌a |‌ $1‌,09‌9,0‌00
Heidi Seber  more »
Cal‌ist‌oga‌ | ‌$4,‌895‌,00‌0
Kate Spadarotto, Pacific Union  more »
San‌ Fr‌anc‌isc‌o |‌ $1‌,69‌5,0‌00
Payton + Binnings, Pacific Union  more »
New Developments from The Mark Company
FRE‌‌MO‌N‌T‌ R‌‌ESI‌‌DE‌N‌C‌ES‌‌ | ‌‌SA‌N‌ ‌FR‌‌ANC‌‌IS‌C‌O
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