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Sea and hear

There’s still time to catch one of LA’s best-loved summer traditions: Twilight Concerts at the Pier in Santa Monica. On every Thursday night at 7 through September 11, and they’re free. (Why not meet at Venice Pier and skate in … or book a suite at Loew’s? Hey, this is LA.)

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September 2014 | Aaroe Market Reports

How's the real estate market? Make informed decisions about real estate. You can read the latest data on over 65 areas in L.A., or go straight to the answers by calling an Aaroe agent. Find your report here: Westside San Fernando Valley San Gabriel Valley Condominiums

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It was a perfect day for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It was a perfect day for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Founder and CEO John Aaroe, along with over 30 people from our Beverly Hills team took the challenge (more or less) in front of our office. Also present was Fred Fisher, President and CEO of the ALS Association Golden West Chapter. The...

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Grand Central Market

Proving it really knows what it’s talking about, Bon Appetit just named Grand Central Market among its Hot 10 Eateries in the country for 2014. We love how the remodel retains the feel of the original; do you agree? Note: refrain from viewing these photos while hungry.

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Where in the world is Garvanza?

There was a time you wouldn’t have needed to ask. In the early 1900’s, Garvanza was a noted bohemian artists' colony and the heart of the Arts and Crafts movement in Los Angeles, together with Pas and South Pas. Today, it’s a beautiful enclave of period jewels in Highland Park — a designated...

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Close your eyes and picture this

If the ideal Brentwood home had a personality ... what would it be? Our Melinda and Scott Tamkin of Aaroe Estates suggest it wouldn't shout, flash a megawatt smile, or wave wildly to catch your eye. It would simply be its serenely beautiful self — way more than enough to capture your heart. It...

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That's a whole lot of toasts

Looking for experiences that will leave you both shaken and stirred? We suggest Pasadena’s annual SIP-tember: A Celebration of the Cocktail, now through September 25 at restaurants around the city. It culminates in a live taste-off of the four finalist cocktails at the Rose Bowl on Friday...

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What does the architect of Griffith Park Observatory design for his own family? A 1908 Craftsman treasure, polished for its second century

In 1908, as the Greene brothers were completing the iconic Gamble House, architect Frederic Ashley (whose later projects would include Griffith Park Observatory) was putting the finishing touches on another Craftsman masterpiece blocks away. Today the three-story home, created for his own family,...

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Kaaren Kurtzman Joins Aaroe Brentwood

John Aaroe and Sam Kraemer, General Counsel and Manager of the John Aaroe Group Brentwood office, are pleased to announce that Kaaren Kurtzman has joined the firm. Noted for her impressive track record in high-end sales, she has been named a Director of Aaroe Estates. She has also been appointed...

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