Pacific Union’s Roland Wilhelm snags industry award & shares insight from 30-year career
Last year, Pacific Union’s Roland Wilhelm celebrated his 30th anniversary of working in real estate, and the readers of Pasadena Weekly voted him Reader Recommended Best Realtor. The votes are in for 2018, and we’re excited to announce that Roland has won the title for the second consecutive year. 

We’re proud to recognize Roland’s well-deserved accomplishment and celebrate his commitment to his clients, his team, and his community. 

Roland is known for being involved in many altruistic causes, combining his passion for motorcycle riding with charitable endeavors.He and his team also prepare monthly meals at the Ronald McDonald House for families whose children are in the hospital.

We had a chance to talk to Roland about his recent achievements, as well as the insights he has gained over the past 30 years in real estate. He remains humble and simply wants to continue to give his best for all of those who work with and alongside him.

1. Last year, you celebrated your 30th anniversary of working in the real estate industry. What has been the greatest reward throughout all of it?

I have had the good fortune of helping hundreds of families over the years, and the best part of this has been the friendships and relationships made. We have a "client for life" philosophy and our real estate family just keeps getting bigger and better!

2. And what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in those 30 years?

People want to know three things:
1 - Can I trust you?
2 - Are you good at what you do?
3 - Will you take care of me?

By focusing on these three principals of honesty, continued education and compassion - we provide consistent five star results for our clients.

3. Is there a specific piece of advice you give to real estate agents who are just beginning their career?

See #2 - Be honest and fair in all dealings, work hard and never stop improving, and take great care of your clients! Working by referral is the most rewarding way of doing business that we know.

4. What advice would you give 20-year old Roland?

Don't be afraid to specialize. Pick an area that you are passionate about, research it to make sure there's enough of a market to support you, and then pour yourself into it. You'll end up doing more of what you love!

5. Talk to us about the importance of teamwork.

I couldn't do this level of business without my team! They make all the difference in both quantity and quality! Candace has an almost psychic ability to forecast trends, opportunities and pitfalls, benefiting us and our clients. Alex loves the business, the people and has a flair for marketing. We all overlap, and we each do a bit of everything, and I couldn't do this without them. Go team!

6. Whether it's riding your motorcycle across the country with friends or selling a home, what role does teamwork play in a successful outcome?

The saying goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone - but if you want to go far, have a team!". We are in this for the long haul, so our various strengths combine to create consistent, reliable and proven results. Same goes for endurance motorcycle riding.

7. Speaking of motorcycle trips, can you tell us about your latest or next?

This past Summer, my riding partner and I rode to Chicago in three days and then turned right around and came back on America's Main Street - Route 66. It has always been a dream to do this! Next year brings another Bucket List trip - flying to Wales and then renting motorcycles to go to the Isle of Man and watch the TT races in person. The TT is a race run on the public streets since its inaugural race in 1907, and is often called one of the most dangerous racing events in the world. We'll be watching, not racing! 

8. Earlier this year, you—along with your colleagues—introduced Pacific Union to Southern California. And just recently, Pacific Union has joined tech real estate company Compass. What does this mean to you?

Pacific Union is an amazing company, and now with us joining Compass, we look forward to the technology and advantages that Compass brings to us as agents, and to our clients as we help them find their place in the world!

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