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Barry Weiss
Studio City Office


20 Years Experience
Over $57.2 Million Sold
Service The San Fernando Valley & Westside

I’ve been a full-service, residential Realtor-of-Choice for nearly 20 years, closing over $51.7 million in home sales by putting my clients’ interests ahead of commissions. I know the ins-and-outs of the real estate market specific to the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood Hills & Westside areas of Los A ... read more »

I’ve been a full-service, residential Realtor-of-Choice for nearly 20 years, closing over $51.7 million in home sales by putting my clients’ interests ahead of commissions. I know the ins-and-outs of the real estate market specific to the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood Hills & Westside areas of Los Angeles.

I've built a thriving business, focusing on client service excellence, community visibility, and developing a referral network of B2C and B2C professional relationships. I've pioneered a sophisticated, distinct brand image to elevate my business above the competition, resulting in capture of market share and driving market pricing. I skillfully marry market research data with intuitive understanding of the sales lifecycle. read less «

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Recently Sold

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103 N. Beachwood Dr | Hancock Park
Sold for $2,600,000
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608 N. Mansfield Ave | Los Angeles
Sold for $1,169,000
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5254 Corteen Pl #6 | Valley Village
Sold for $489,000
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1440 Veteran Avenue #523 | Westwood
Last listed at $449,000
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17453 Runnymede St | Lake Balboa
Sold for $435,000
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585 N. Rossmore Ave #206 | Hancock Park
Sold for $387,000
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4744 Ben Ave #8 | Valley Village
Sold for $375,000


Barry made selling my home in LA so easy. His advice throughout the process was spot on, and as a seller living out of town, I felt very well taken care of. Besides his great customer service, I think what impressed me most was Barry's ability to generate so much interest from so many buyers so quickly. He created a gorgeous virtual tour that supported an intense flurry of interest. In a very short amount of time, with almost no effort on my part, we got significantly more than our expected price. I would work with Barry again in a heartbeat.
- Danny G, a very satisfied client
I have worked with Barry Weiss, Realtor, in 2013. He sold my residence and coordinated the search and eventual purchase of my new residence. These transactions took place in Los Angeles during a period of low housing inventory. He assisted in developing a strategy of finding a new residence prior to selling the then current residence. Locating the new residence was challenging in a variety of ways. In addition to the low housing inventory the requirements of the new residence were quite specific as to location, size, single story, condition and price. He was resourceful in identifying properties that met the criteria and sent those property owners a letter indicating he had a client interested in purchasing their property. He received several responses that resulted in a viewing of some of those properties. in addition he was diligent in identifying properties that went up for sale that met my criteria. These efforts resulted in an offer being made, however that property was taken off the market by its owner. Barry continued to be diligent in monitoring homes that went up for sale as well as sending follow up letters to some of the property owners who did not respond to his first letter. Eventually we did find my new residence. The closing was to take place in thirty days so that the old residence could be put on the market in mid October. The strategy was to sell the old residence prior to year end. Barry’s knowledge of the closing process was instrumental in achieving a thirty day close. The old residence was sold by year end at asking price. Barry conducted several open houses and ad campaigns to accomplish this. Again his experience expedited the closing process for me and the buyer of the property. He insured the contingencies were removed on schedule and that the inspections occurred on a timely basis. If you are seeking and experienced and competent real estate agent I recommend Barry.
- Brian C.
I have never written one of these. But am honored you are my first. Not sure I am able to put in words just how great you are at your job, and how much I appreciated all you did. Barry Weiss was by far the BEST Realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and as a Real estate investor there have been many. He is extremely experienced and professional and very good at what he does. At our first meeting I immediately knew I could trust him to protect my best interest on the sale of my property. Clearly his priority was to look out for me. He was there to help with everything , from finding services I needed. To, he himself helping with anything that needed attention at the property. Barry was always available, with immediate response to my needs. Thru all different types of communication. (via phone ,e-mail, text) he advised me on things I had never thought to do, with great attention to detail. His choice of Escrow/Title companies could not have been better. Barry really had my back from start to finish. I feel very fortunate to have met him, and I will be calling him again when I need a Realtor. Thank you Barry for all your help and friendship.
- Jeannie M
I referred Barry Weiss to my client, an out-of-state personal representative, as the real estate agent to handle the sale of a home in Los Angeles County. The home was owned by a decedent who died leaving no local family members. The home was sold through probate court proceedings. Barry was wonderful to work with and exceeded my expectations. He worked closely with my office, as well as the decedent’s family members who lived out of state. Barry acted on behalf of the beneficiaries and estate representative, arranging the estate sale, donating items that didn’t sell and discarding unwanted items. He worked diligently and was able to get multiple offers of $100,000 over the asking price. Needless to say, my client was thrilled. Barry also worked closely with my office during the probate proceedings, providing all necessary paperwork for the sale of the house through the court proceedings. I would recommend Barry again to my clients. His work is thoughtful and precise. The fact that a home is being sold through a court probate proceeding or in a private trust administration is not an issue with Barry. He is excellent in fulfilling the client’s needs.
- Kevin T. Lewman